Duck Out Of Heaven

Her er endnu en sangtekstsamling, som jeg har været igang med de sidste to måneder. :) Emnerne er måske drejet lidt mere over i noget kliché værk siden sidste udgivelse, men jeg føler at det er blevet balanceret vel med andre emner som nordisk mytologi. x) Endnu engang, sæt jer i jeres bedste stol, nap en kop kaffe og sæt noget Richard Ragnvald eller noget Metallica på, it doesn't matter, bare nyd samlingen. :D

1: Duck Out of Heaven
2: Turkish Delight
3: Winds of Valhalla
4: Silly Sinner
5: Bitter Dinner
6: Burned Alive


4. Silly Sinner

Silly Sinner:

Pointing fingers is all easy
When you're the one with the sharpest stick
Calling out all the crazies
Is not hard when you make them throw the first brick

They've been running you through
Taking with them all that gave some hope
You didn't shoot the gun
And now your desert princess is gone

So throw me off a bridge
Feed me to the fish
But how much longer do I have to pay
For my mistakes?

Silly sinner!

Vers 1:
I've seen mystery in everyones eyes
And that mystery was one big lie
I touched a heart that touched mine
And now it seems that we're both crying

So yesterday drowned in tears
And today just never seem to get near
Trapped on a piece of drifting wood
I'm off shore where I'm no good

So I threw myself off a bridge
And fed myself to the fish
But I still just got to pay
For my mistakes

I'm a silly sinner!

And when I'm too far out on sea
I lost the spyglass, my only way to see
And as the distance shatters
And my soul has been tattered
I've called upon forgivennes, but no I'm not worthy

For yesterday's mistake, I'm a silly sinner!

Vers 2:
Our heart's a bunch of crazies
And love became something lazy
Any fool could lead the sharp stick
Puncture the heart when they throw the first brick

All the blood colour all the new rocks
So now you've got more bricks to toss
When someone stares into your soul
It's time to yell fire in the hole!

Then we all jumped off the bridges
And fed all those gluttonous fish
But how much longer do we have to pay
For each other's mistakes?
For our own regrets?
For the challice of life's water we've just spilled
And all the hours we have sinned
They matter now... Can't go away somehow

We're silly sinners!

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