Duck Out Of Heaven

Her er endnu en sangtekstsamling, som jeg har været igang med de sidste to måneder. :) Emnerne er måske drejet lidt mere over i noget kliché værk siden sidste udgivelse, men jeg føler at det er blevet balanceret vel med andre emner som nordisk mytologi. x) Endnu engang, sæt jer i jeres bedste stol, nap en kop kaffe og sæt noget Richard Ragnvald eller noget Metallica på, it doesn't matter, bare nyd samlingen. :D

1: Duck Out of Heaven
2: Turkish Delight
3: Winds of Valhalla
4: Silly Sinner
5: Bitter Dinner
6: Burned Alive


6. Burned Alive

Burned Alive:

Verse 1:
Walking up to the doors
The institution is open
Time to train more battle boars
Sharpen the tusks
Inflict some cuts

Here they breed insecurity
Here they feed anger
Time to preach inferiority
Break them all
Shake their morale

Verse 2:
Bottle up all their tears
Sweeten up the brew
Time to mix up every fear
Explosive mix
For the lunatics

You're all nothing more
Than matches to the sun
You can't wash up upon shore
Cause the world's gone
You're all alone

Follow the biggest boar
Yeah, everybody line up
Obey their every call
There's just no way to stop

And when you think you're free
When you've think you've found relief
Then that's where you'll surely be decieved

As the insitution closes
And salvation is nigh
You're on a liberty overdose
Now you're burning alive!

Vers 3:
Again you come to the doors
The sign says open
You always wanted to be a battle boar
All free will's broken
Go on, accept the token

Of their congregation
Of their righteousness
Accept their liberation
Free your mind
Of all fright


When you're burning alive, they'll give you water
But it comes with a price, now you're going down under

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