Duck Out Of Heaven

Her er endnu en sangtekstsamling, som jeg har været igang med de sidste to måneder. :) Emnerne er måske drejet lidt mere over i noget kliché værk siden sidste udgivelse, men jeg føler at det er blevet balanceret vel med andre emner som nordisk mytologi. x) Endnu engang, sæt jer i jeres bedste stol, nap en kop kaffe og sæt noget Richard Ragnvald eller noget Metallica på, it doesn't matter, bare nyd samlingen. :D

1: Duck Out of Heaven
2: Turkish Delight
3: Winds of Valhalla
4: Silly Sinner
5: Bitter Dinner
6: Burned Alive


5. Bitter Dinner

Bitter Dinner

Verse 1:
The finder is the keeper, and you found a heart
The dragon is a sleeper, but his teeth are still sharp
Go on open up it's mouth, stick your whole hand in
But your touch is so foul, now you've got a hand of tin

Now try to hold another heart, see if you can feel it
Now not even migthty God, can make you feel the beat
What's the use of trying, when you're dehumanized?
What's the point of finding, when the touch is neutralized

But hold on, don't shoot the shotgun

Gather around for a round of bitter dinner
The law maker and the damned sinner
Come join us for a round of bitter dinner
Love served with too much pepper!

Verse 2:
See the black moon, It keeps on rising
Still visible by noon, The sight is paralyzing
But it's only you seeing it, You're only feeding it
Reach out with your hand of tin, Feel you losing all will



Love is six feet under - Too far away
You have to go under - In a tin tray


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