dont forget about me


15. why is he here

for a while we just laid there head on his chest feeling his heart beat.feeling his every breath.eventually I fell asleep.then I woke up to austin shaking me."Alex Alex baby wake up there is someone here!" I looked back to the barn and it was Nicky's truck! "why does he still come here?" I muttered to myself. I jumped up and walked off the dock then austin came running.."alex who is that?" I just got on the atv and turned it on "I'll be back in a second i just need to tell him to's Nicky!" austin had a look on his eye like he knew something was goinggoing to happen "alright I trust you!i love you!" "I love you too austin." I drove up to the barn and Nicky was looking at me his drunk smirk oh lord this would be great! "hey babe" I walked closer and could smell the alcohol on him "Nicky what are you still doing coming here?" he laughed to him self "I do what I want when I want!" "we broke up and you shouldn't be here this is my dad's property!" saying that made me happy but that didn't last long "your dad's dead! he can't save you anymore neither can Brandon, he's not here!" he pushed me up against the wall and I felt like crying but I couldn't cry right now..he kept pushing his lips against mine and then tried to take off his belt while attempting to kiss me then he stopped to focus on his belt and I pushed him off and he fell to the floor "Nicky leave!" he stood up and grabbed my wrist "Nicky stop I'm not leaving!" and I screamed and I felt his hands go around my mouth and his hands covered one of my eyes and I could really focus where i was going but then he let go and I turned around and austin had punched Nicky "leave now or I'll kick your ass!" somehow Nicky was scared of austin and left right away with a black eye "are you okay?" I said to austin..his hand has swollen a little bit " yeah I'm fine don't worry, are you okay did he hurt you?" I shook my head no and wrapped my arms around him "I want to go to bed." i said quietly.he grabbed my hand and walked me to the car and I stopped in front on the drivers seat and austin kissed me, picking me up leaning me against his jeep.his hands were on my waist and went down to my ass and he squeezed which made me laugh and he kissed my neck and my chest and moved his lips back to mine and slid his hands under my shirt but he held his hands on my waist for a moment and stopped kissing me.

I looked at him and he looked away " did I do something?" I said " no it's just I really like you well I love you and I don't want to rush this" hearing this made me smile "let's go baby" i whispered

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