dont forget about me


8. the letter

I got my bags and put them in his car. I jumped in his car while he was putting his bags in the trunk.i looked over in his seat and there was a letter. I wasn't sure if I should read it or not but I did..dear mom, I can't believe your gone.your the only person who could really understand me dads always gone off with a new girl and speaking of girls, this girl I met her on spring break and she lives in georgia but I think I am in love with her i just wish you were here to see her smile, it's beautiful! I remember when you were first diagnosed and you had a beautiful smile and she's the closest thing I have to her. austin came in the car. "I know you probably already read some of it do you want to finish?" I kissed his cheek "no why don't you tell me?" he started the car and backed up "the doctors diagnosis was breast cancer which killed me more than anyone, I would do anything for her i would have died for her but when she died apart of me died. and that letter was the only way I could put my words down to tell her and describe you! my mother was the greatest woman I have ever known and I only write to her when something comes into my life that is as great as her which is you!"

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