dont forget about me


9. the hotel

when we pulled up to the hotel..I wanted to cry because it was the hotel Nicky's dad owned! his dad was always there I couldn't not see him he was always at the front desk "hey when we get in there I am going to use the restroom!" I said as I grabbed my bag to put on the cart as one of the workers rolled it up inside of the rotating doors! I knew exactly where the bathroom was but I acted like I didn't as soon as I pretended to find it I ran in there and waited for a moment or so..I finally went out because if I didn't austin would get worried! I walked out and austin was sitting in the chair where Nicky and I had our first kiss..all of the memories flooded back into my head! I smiled but not because austin was smiling and looking at me but because of the memories I shook my head a little and focused of the present austin said " hey I got the key they already took our stuff up to the room but I wanted to wait for you!" austin put his arm around my waist and I turned my head a little hoping that Nicky's dad Mr. Michaels would see me but I knew it was too good to be true. "is that miss alex?" I turned and smiled. "hey Mr. Michaels!" he hugged me and asked what I was doing here! " oh I am visiting with one of my friends!" Austin stepped closer and put his hand around my waist and pulled me closer " a very good friend I can see!" mr. michaels said! I laughed.."I hope your folks are doing well! tell them I say hi oh and I will tell Nicky I saw you!" I smiled "Alright will do sir!" austin and I walked to the elevator once we got in there I knew it was coming "I guess I'm just a friend!" he said with a smirk.austin was on the other wall of the elevator. I stepped in close to him putting my hand on his chest saying "A really close one too!" and I pushed my hair behind me so he could see my neck because he was a killer for necks too he would always pull my hair back and he did it to the other side and put his hands on my hips. he leaned down and kissed me.if it wasn't for the ding of the bell as we reached our floor I'm pretty sure we would have kept going! we walked down to our room and austin opened the door with the key. I walked in first and sat on the bed and austin walked over towards me and said "who was that man and who's Nicky?" I sighed and said "I thought you had forgotten but Nicky is my ex and that was his dad.." austin nodded his head and kinda got weird. he went and sat on the chair and I walked over and said "can we pick up where we left off?" austin smiled and said "later..I have a dinner to go to with my team or we can skip it!" I kissed his cheek and said "no you should go!" "well I wanted you to come with me!" "are you sure it's okay?" he nodded and kissed me. austin hopped in the shower while I picked out my outfit!

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