dont forget about me


14. the first night

I felt to awkward since I had just cried in front of him! we were walking as he put his had on my lower back as we were walking through the barn and we were walking slow and then austin stopped and kissed me he pressed his lips against mine soft gentle and slow and he kissed me again but pushed his lips hard,more passionately, but sweet and adorable in every way. he looked at me smiling pulling my hair behind my ear and moving it out from in front of my neck. "Alex." he whispered it to my ear "yes?" he looked down at his feet and stepped closer and wrapped his arms around my waist tight. and his eyes were locked into mine.his eyes so dreamy! the dark brown in his eyes was comforting to me "I am enjoying this a lot and I don't want this night to end!" I kissed him and said "well let's make the most of it!"we walked out to wear the atv's were and I hopped on and said come on! we drove out to the lake and parked it under the big weeping willow! we walked to the end of the dock and sat and watched the sun set! i was looking out at the water and austin turned to me "alex are you okay?" I turned to him and started to lie and say I was but I really wasn't "about what my dad no I'm not fully okay with that but it's fine bc I'm here with you!" "can I do anything to help?because I don't like seeing you like this I want you to be happy!" I smiled "I am happy I promise!" he kissed my cheek "I..I love you alex" I turned to those brown eyes and kissed him and we kept kissing and austin started to lean back so I leaned back into his kiss and I looked at him and whispered "I love you"

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