dont forget about me


3. that's not possible

rachel and I ran up to our room and started to get ready for bed! I was watching a movie on my lap top while rachel got ready for bed.after 20 minutes I got a text from austin saying "when rachel falls asleep come back to the stop sign I need to see one more time!" I smiled and said Rachel's response so I snuck down the stairs and went out the front door and walked to the stop sign I saw austin sitting there with his back turned to where he couldn't see me I ran behind him and covered his eyes and said "guess who?" I sat down behind him with my legs around him he leaned back on me and sat there for a minute and said " I am not too sure but she sounds beautiful and I bet she has the prettiest smile!" I laughed and uncovered his eyes. "yep I was right!" he said.He sat up and put his arm around me and I leaned on him. "alex i really am going to miss you!" I smiled and looked up at him "I am going to miss you more!" "nahh I don't think that's not possible I'll miss you most!" I sat up "Austin you left me nothing to compete with!" "don't you get it babe that's the point you can't compete with me on how much I will miss you!" I leaned back on him and laughed." you should probably go to sleep aren't you tired?" he said as I was falling asleep on him I nodded slowly.we sat out there for a while. I eventually fell asleep then I woke up to his voice.i couldn't make out what he was saying but I stood up. he held up my phone and it was a text with rachel. "we should get you back." I looked up at him then leaned into him while he wrapped his arms around hand on the back of my head as he scrunched up my hair with his hand and then other on my back."can i get my goodnight kiss?" before he could say anything I kissed him. I then whispered in his ear "don't forget about me!" he kissed my cheek and said "that's not possible" he kissed me one last time and I walked back

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