dont forget about me


4. text messages

the next morning it was the day we left.the car was already packed all we had to do was take out pillows out and we could fall back asleep. I was so out of it but for some reason I checked my phone.i knew someone wouldn't have texted me that early but I checked it anyway and there was a text from austin that read "good morning beautiful! this spring break was the best because I got to spend it with you! I know I might be jumping to conclusion too fast or I'm just stuck in the moment but I love you! I have never felt this way about anyone! anyways I miss you already baby!" I smiled and jumped on top of rachel i did not know what to do so i just went back to sleep! I woke up an two hours later and saw that I had 3 unread text messages from austin that said "I miss you baby!" I responded so he wouldn't have to worry! "I miss you! and I am so happy I met you!" we stopped to get some food from chick fil a! I left my phone in the car but all I could think about was austin. my moms boyfriend said "oh no alex is either sick or in love!" i just laughed and rolled my eyes but the funny thing was i think I am in love I am just not sure yet.

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