dont forget about me


20. talking part 1

i went and sat on the floor with his mother for a while until she left the room. i looked up at austin to see his eyes so beautiful so soft. he was standing right in front of me yet i missed him I missed his warm touch. austin somehow read my mind because he came and sat down next to me and held my hand. "he's asleep we should go."I said as I stood to his bed was a note pad and a pen.

i wrote:


please take care of yourself! call me as soon as you can and keep me updated! we need to go do our usual traditions when you get better!

love you lots crazy kid!


here's my number just in case you lost it 123-456-7890

austin grabbed my hand as we stepped out side of the door and we walked down to the car. once we got in the car I turned on the radio and i noticed that austin took a wrong turn. "austin where are you going?" I said. he gave me his cute little smirk that I loved "you'll see!" he deep raspy voice said.

we pulled into a parking lot and we got out of the car and walked till we saw a lake and a dock.austin grabbed my hand and we say on the end of the dock with our toes barley touching the water "you've opened up to me so much and every time you do it seems to be the wrong time so i feel that I owe you the time and my attention and that I need to open up as well." he said to me. when he said that I felt so much closer to him because he wants to talk as much as I do. "yeah austin i'm sorry.." and then he cut me off with his sweet voice "no don't be! alex i love you and I want this to work and I want you to be my girlfriend so we don't have to introduce our selves as friends because I think we are more than that...honestly!"

"well when I was younger my dad left us and said i was worthless and all my mom was good for was sex. but really he was just a drunk and had no values. and I grew up with just a mom and two younger sisters. and then well you know my mom got cancer." he stopped talking and looked down " austin you don't have to talk about it if you're not ready too!" he looked out at the water "alex I've never talked about it because I haven't been comfortable with telling someone but I feel comfortable with you so I'm not going to miss this chance!" I leaned over and kissed his forehead "okay." I said "my mom got cancer and my dad came and was a whole different person! he was nice, sober, and acted like he cared and he tried to have a relationship with me but how was I supposed to trust him! and my sisters loved him ,but then when my mom died he was the same old drunk he used to be which killed my sisters because they would run to him after school and he would say fuck off and then he would bring girl after girl in! he just pissed me off so much so finally we moved in with my aunt and i have no clue where he is now." austin squeezed my hand a little like a thank you just without words

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