dont forget about me


5. seeing you again

we got back in the car and I knew Austin would either be driving or asleep so i just put on my headphones and went to sleep.I slept until we got home. I thought that austin might of texted me because I was asleep for 4 hours and in that time I would have at least gotten one message from him. I was the last person to text him and I had to text him twice because is my first message i misspelled a word do i double texted him correcting myself.i didn't want to triple text him so i just ignored it! rachel left a little after we got back to my house. for a while I just laid on my bed then my phone rang and it was across my room so I jumped up thinking it would be austin but it wasn't it was Nicky.thats weird why would he text me. I didn't want to open it but I did anyway. " Alex I know I broke up with you but every time i find myself liking another girl it always leads me back to you!Even if I think I like someone els more than you it just doesn't compare.." i just laughed because he is feeling some of the pain I went through after he broke up with me. " Nicky i am sorry but you left me and expected me to be fine..and now your feeling what you should have felt when we first broke up." I laid my phone down right next to me on my bed so I wouldn't have to get up again my phone rang again.." on spring break I saw you kissing that austin guy and all I wanted to do was come over and punch him and then kiss you" I responded to Nicky with.." we broke up months ago and you just now telling me.why can't you just let my be happy since I have finally gotten over you." in the middle of sending it I got a phone call from austin "hey alex well ya know how i am on a travel baseball team ya well this Friday i am leaving for a tournament.its all weekend and it's in Atlanta!" I smiled and screamed " are you serious I can't wait! I guess you were right! goodbyes aren't necessary! because I get to see you again!" austin said he had to go and he would text me after he got back from the gym!

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