dont forget about me


19. my world fell apart

"hey was that you talking?" he said as he walked in. I just nodded because I was still kind of mad.i sat on the bed and looked at him "hey don't think that she was anything..anything at all" I looked at him and then looked back out the window "Alex she has a girlfriend!" I laughed a little and looked at him "I feel sooo stupid!" I said.

my phone rang and it was Rebecca again "hello?" I just heard her crying. "alex...charlie!" as soon as I heard those words my heart dropped "no sto.."I rubbed my eyes."it's really bad! like soo bad!" "how" I said "a-a car crash!" I looked down and couldn't believe it "he's at Lakeveiw Hospital!" I shook my head and a tear rolled half way down my cheek before austin rubbed it off. "I'll talk to you later.Bye!" I hung up my phone and looked at austin with my eyes filled with tears "it's can go!" I tried to stop crying but I couldn't help it. "charlie has been my best friend since kindergarten. we grew up together. we have done everything together...5th and 8th grade graduation, weekends at the lake, double dates.." I laughed "just everyth..." I started to cry again and austin hugged me and kissed my forehead! "will you come with me?" he nodded.

it was 10:35 so we still had time before his game and Lakeveiw wasn't far. so austin and I walked down to the car and drove to the hospital when we got to the hospital austin said "I'll go get the room number!" I almost forgot what his voice sounded like because we didnt say anything in the car not one word! "413" austin grabbed my hand and pressed the elevator button.we got to his floor and I walked through the halls and finally saw his room and his mom standing outside of it. her eyes met mine and instantly started to cry.i ran over and hugged her "what what happened?" I asked softly she nodded "same old charlie! trying to be the badass of the family..he was racing a friend and hit a tree!" I turned to austin "mrs. hewit this is austin." she smiled kindly and sat on the floor "can I?" holding the door handle "of coarse he may not remember you though he didn't remember me!" i opened the door quietly to a boy sitting there watching tv. "'s alex" he looked toward the door the same old face he has always had just worn and tired and he had a big leg cast on and it was held by a metal white thing hanging from the ceiling. " hi!" he said quietly. "you know me right?" he opened his mouth "yes the same girl who peed my bed when she was 6" I smiled and cried a little bit "you have to stop charlie" he glanced at me then at austin "who's that?" I stood up out of the bed side chair and reached for his arm "um this is austin" charlie smiled "will you change this?" I nodded and grabbed the remote and put on Tom and jerry..that has always been his favorite even though he was 17. his mom came back in "Alex this old lady keeps coming in here and cries and watches me sleep!" I looked at him and cried and leaned into austin who hugged me.his mom slid to the floor and said "please charlie please come on you know me stop joking it's me!!" I went over to charlie and held his hand "charlie..that's your mom!"

authors note:hey guys I'm really sorry I didn't write! I have been so busy but I will write more often! I promise :)

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