dont forget about me


16. letting it out

I woke up in the hotel bed while austin was walking around shirtless in his sweat pants.i kinda liked just watching in walk around all cute without me noticing,he turned around and saw me laying there and ran into the bathroom and came back out with an adorable smile!"I should probably go get ready for bed!" I said as I rolled out of bed.i grabbed some shorts and a t shirt and walked to the bathroom to take off my makeup and brush my teeth.i finished and walked out and I got really cold and I didn't want to get in the bed that austin was in and seem too pushy so I sat on the other bed "gosh it's so cold!" austin reached out his hand and said "grab my swear shirt and come in bed" so I grabbed his oversized sweat shirt and held it up to myself and looked down and laughed and he smiled and said "it looks a lot better on you than me!" and jumped in bed and laid next to him he put his arm around me and pulled me close."alex I want to know everything about you,your highs your lows the good and bad what's your story?" I laughed "well what do you want to know?" "start with your childhood!" it took me a minute to remember but I did! "well when I was little I thought my dad was the greatest man their was! he was my best friend I used to try to dress like him...where jeans with a belt and tuck my shirt was a stupid phase!" he hugged me tighter and sat up. "well now here's a low/bad" "in the 3rd grade my dad had to work a lot and would sleep at his office and just said he had a lot of work to do but it turned out he was cheating on my mom and they eventually got divorced which killed me and I didn't fully understand that when they said we'd always be a family that was just a lie to make me feel better but in the end it hurt be more...and then my dad got really depressed after his best friend Paul died and my mom told him to go stay in Kansas with his dad! and he stayed out there for 8 months so I got really attached to my mom and that ruined my relationship with my dad and I hated him for the longest time and then he died.." there was a moment of silence the. it broke by a sniff from me of coarse I had to cry "ya know how a father is supposed to be the man that doesn't break a daughters heart well mine broke mine the most!" austin pulled my chin up to where our eyes locked "well I guess then my job will to fix it as much I can!" I smiled "can we finish this tomorrow bc you don't have a game till 4 right?" he nodded and I fell asleep on his chest listening to his heart beat and feeling his every breath.eventually I fell asleep and woke up at maybe 4 and saw him laying there looking so cute and his hair was in a messy hot way...I couldn't help but kiss him on the forehead and then go back to sleep

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