dont forget about me


13. letting it out

buck finally came to a stop "buck this is austin I really like him so be nice!" then I kissed buck on the top of his nose I looked back at austin and he reached for my hand and I gave it to him "gosh your beautiful!" I smiled and kissed him on the cheek! "this is my second home!" "yeah I can tell you act so comfortable here!" austin said as he was looking at the barn. we kept walking till we got to the barn. I walked in and smiled! i walked into the closet and my boots were still there and so were Brandon's and my dad's! Brandon was my cousin the closest thing I had to a brother he was my best friend gosh I hadn't seen him in years! "Austinnnnnn!" I heard no response so I walked out of the closet and walked out to find austin looking at a picture of me, my dad and Brandon! I walked over and hugged him from behind.we were both looking at the picture, the only picture in this whole barn I stepped in front of him slowly wiping the frame then I blew on it to get rid of the dust and dirt. my eye got all teary eyed and one tear just rolled down my face..austin came to the side of me and wiped my face."don't cry" as soon as he said that I cried even more."my dad just died and I hate him for it!" I knew that sounded stupid but I said it and I expected him to laugh but he didn't he just hugged me he hugged me tight and just held me and let me cry I looked up at him and said "I'm done cryi--.." and I started to cry some more I just couldn't stop I hadn't cried since my dad died I kinda just shut everybody out! I wiped my eyes and nodded and he let go of me as soon as he did it I was still crying but I grabbed the frame and threw it on the ground. "alright austin come on you've got a lot to learn!"

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