dont forget about me


11. leaving

Before I could say anything his phone rang.i hopped up and handed it to him! "Hello?" I couldn't here who was on the other line but then austin said "Alright just come up to room 321 on level 8!" he ended the call and reached his arms out for my to pull him up when I tried to pull him up he pulled me on top of him and he kissed my forehead! "zachs coming up! he's really nice you'll like him!" we heard a knock on the door and we both got up and I sat on the bed while austin opened the door for zach! "Alright so where's this girl everyone on the teams been taking about?!" zach screamed as he walked backwards! austin turned him around and I smiled and said "hey I'm Alex!" zach looked confused "wait austin you got with her...?how?" I laughed and austin hit his arm playfully. "we should probably leave soon right?"austin said and zach nodded.

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