dont forget about me


12. home

I got in the car and sat in the passenger seat next to austin. austin drove out of the hotel parking lot and grabbed my hand and kissed it.i couldn't help but just smile he was perfect in every way he knew exactly what to say. we got to the restaurant and there was a huge group of tall baseball boys.zac ran up to one guy and said something in his ear but I couldn't here is and all of them turned around at once and looked at austin and the one that zac had talked to gave austin the "I'm jealous look" and austin pulled me closer really tightly and I just laughed and the guy said "hi I'm jake!" and a bunch of them said their names but I only remembered Zac and jake! dinner was a lot of fun we all made fun of each other well I sat there next to austin and just laughed. Zac was in the middle of saying something when austin whispered in my ear "do you wanna leave early?" at this point we had already eaten we just had to go up to the cash register to pay so that's what we did! we said goodbye to his team and that we would see them later at the hotel! we got in the car and austin said "where do you want go?" I smiled and said "do you just want to get away till we have to go back to the hotel?" austin nodded! "where to baby?" "no no I'm driving!" austin got out so I could drive. it took a good 45 minutes to get there. I would only go here with my dad and I hadn't been here since he passed.we weren't that close so it wasn't a whole disaster when he died but it did break my heart a my mind he was a horrible dad but it's over now. I turned on my favorite country music station and turned it up really loud! I turned down an old dirt road! austin looked over and said are you sure you know where your going? I put on the breaks rolled down the windows and let my hair down out of the pony tail. "trust me!" I started driving again. we drove for about 10 minutes and said "welcome" austin looked at my like seriously it was just an old dirt road with an old fence on both sides of it! I started walking backwards toward the fence then I turned around to climb it! I sat on top of the fence and looked back and austin was leaning on the car "come on austin your in the south now live like it!!" austin smiled and climbed the fence and he started running towards us the only boy I wanted to see buck! austin got a little scared since there was a big white horse with a couple brown spots!

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