dont forget about me


1. goodnight

"how do I always fall for guys i barley know" I thought to myself as we kissed over and over again.i pulled away to a bright light in my eyes.not surprised just a typical teenager taking pictures of people making out on a crazy seaside spring break night. I turned to the other side of me where my friends were. I thought they would act weird because they basically just saw me suck face with a guy i just met 5 days earlier. it was both of our last nights on spring break. Austin and I stood around and talked to our friends and then the seaside speaker guy came around with a huge crowd following I almost got caught in the crown i felt a hand go around my waist and pull me was austin and I looked back and heard his northern accent say "i didn't want to loose you." I smiled and continued on our conversation we had before the speaker guy came.Austin kept his hand on my waist the whole night and casually rubbed my back.i couldn't help but to smile. I knew he had a thing for backs and waists he just wouldn't admit it but I knew he did.As a girl i just wanted to go scream in my pillow and laugh because of how sweet he was. "what?" I heard him say.i shook my head and then felt a poke on my side that made me flinch. I got that text that I never wanted to mom had texted me that it was time to go.i gave my friend rachel the look that we both dreaded! I turned to austin and said I have to go..I didn't want to say goodbye because i live in georgia and he lives in Michigan 14 hours away..then I felt him pull me by my waist and wrapped his arms wrap around me. I got up on my tippy toes to wrap my arms around his neck but it didn't do much because my feet just sunk back into the sand.i heard him say in my ear "kiss goodnight?" I smiled and turned to him.two soft, simple, passionate kisses then he pushed his lips to mine harder so I pushed back, he smiled and kissed me back. I looked up at him and said "but it's goodbye" at this point we had taken a step back but he pulled my back and whispered "I don't believe in goodbye because that means I will never see you again."

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