dont forget about me


10. getting ready

austin got out if the shower and said "we are going somewhere kinda nice!" so I grabbed my white jeans my cream shirt some flats and a big necklace and went into the bathroom to change I walked out and I knew I had to do my makeup..and I looked up and austin was already dressed in kakis and a pink polo button up I smiled "aw well don't you look all cute and nice!" I went over and hugged him "well I try!" he said I grabbed my makeup bad and sat in the floor over by the long mirror i out concealer on in little dots all around my face and as I was closing in up austin came up behind me and wrapped his arms and legs around me "gosh you scared me!" he pulled me back on top of him and said "aww I scared the baby!" he got up and say on top of me with his knees over both of my arms so I couldn't move them and kissed me and said "I can't take you serious with all of these dots i your face!" "well if you would let me get ready they wouldn't be there!" he got up and leaned against the wall "are you just going to sit and watch?" I said he nodded yes and I laughed I finished and I turned to him and he smiled "you look so beautiful even with out make up I don't know why you bother!" I stood up and he reached out his arms for me to help him get up "what time do we need to leave?" he checked his watch "not for another 30 minutes!" I sat on the bed and he sat down next to me and he laid back and he pulled me back with his arm I laid there against him. he leaned over and kissed my forehead and I looked up and smiled at him.he leaned over on his side so I did too and he grabbed my hands and we were just there laying together it was perfect and he had a smirk on his face then he said "your the perfect fit!" I looked at him and said "for what?" "me" he whispered

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