dont forget about me


6. counting down the days

I waited a whole week! we counted down the days together! the next morning I checked my phone and there was a text from austin "good morning beautiful 1 more day" i called my friend rachel and told her one more day although she had no idea what I was talking about because every time I would talk about Austin she would go off into her own world about Brandon! that day at school kept getting longer.the hours did not come fast enough but finally school ended! austin told me a few days ago that his parents we not coming it was just him and his team and a couple of their parents! he said I could stay at the hotel with him because his team was an odd number so he had no one to room with and I wasn't sure if that was for sure so i just let it be. the next day I went to his game. I had backup clothes in my trunk just incase I was staying the night..I got there and went to the field I wasn't even to his field yet when I heard his voice call "Alex!!!!" i turned around to see a tan tall guy with deep brown eyes running towards me! he wrapped those arms around me that I missed so much he picked me up in his hug. "I missed you too much!" his friends came up behind us all making slurs and one yelled "pull" and then we heard a "dayum" I laughed while austin said "dude back off she's mine!" we stood there and austin told his friends to go away.."where are your clothes?" he said "in my car!" I said austin kissed my forehead and gave me another hug "hey I have to go warm up but I will see you later beautiful!" austin stepped away and I I grabbed his hand and gave him a don't go look.but he went anyway! I walked around for a while till the game started!

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