dont forget about me


17. all that matters to me, he said

I woke up the next morning to an empty bed to an empty room.i didn't know where he went,where he had gone or what had happened.after a few seconds of sitting in bed trying to understand I heard "shitt!" right out side of my door..I thought it might be austin but I wasn't sure so I looked and sure enough it was so I opened the door standing there in his big hoodie.he had orange juice spilt all over him and I couldn't help but laugh and kiss him. he had chocolate on the side of his face and I looked both ways in the hall way and pulled him by his collar and pushed him against the wall and kissed him and he kissed me and picked me up and pushed me against the wall.he started to kiss my neck which was my weakness spot.i could smell him and smelling that smell made me feel happy and warm.he made his lips back to mine and slid his tongue into my mouth and teased me and he broke away smiling "you can't just do that!" I proclaimed as he walked over to the bed with my arms and legs still wrapped around him. "yes I can!" I was laying on the bed and just rolled my eyes.then we heard a knock on the door and austin opened the door and it was zach "dude I didn't here from you last night do did you like totally fuck her? was it good?" I heard austin shushing him.then austin kinda pushed him out in the hall way with the door partly cracked "no I didn't she's not just a one night stand girl I actually care about her i..i i love her!" before austin could go on zach cut in "woahhhh dude you let her get to you! never let a girl in you can't do that! you have to let her won't last!she doesn't matter!" no one said anything for a second which scared me because what if austin thought that might be true that I didn't matter. " no your wrong shes all that matters to me and I love her and you can't change that" "okay okay dude it's cool!" austin opened the door and turned around "alright?" and zach nodded. as they walked in I pretended I wasn't listening by texting on my phone "hey!" I said all perky and happy like nothing was wrong "so we don't have practice till 3 so you guys have a while coach just wanted me to come tell you!" zach said quietly because he knew I had heard him and "alright I'll be there!" austin said then zach left with a wave.austin hugged me "I'm sorry you had to here that!" "what?" I said "oh come on I know you heard us outside!" I smiled "alright I did.thank you." austin kissed me on the forehead "so wanna finish about your life story over breakfast?" I nodded yes and went to go grab some clothes to put on. I just put on mascara and lip gloss and I wore denim jean shorts and a cute v neck that was white. and we walked to the cafe hand in hand

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