dont forget about me


2. all smiles

i gave him one last hug and ran friend rachel kept staring at me. "Alex!" she said, it took me a moment to come back to my senses but I responded to her with a look.."you just kissed Austin and you haven't said a word you just keep smiling!" As we turned the corner I looked up and laughed "I kissed austin!" I said, as soon as we turned the corner I saw him.i hadn't seen those eyes and his freckles that I had missed so much in months! "Nicky" I said quietly. he looked at me and kept walking rachel started mumbling to me but I tuned out all of it but what I heard was "alex forget about him it's his lose!" ya i thought that is true..I leaned against the side of the store and slid down and sat on the ground and looked up at rachel and laughed "gosh your so weird" she said "oh come on rach you've been in love before!"she sat down next to me and looked at me and said "ya i have actually I am. I miss Brandon so much! but I haven't talked to him in like uh?.." she checked her phone "45 minutes to be exact!" I checked my phone to see if my mom had texted me because I was waiting where she told me to wait. "rachel if it's possible I think he likes you way more than you like him. you guys have been dating for 9 months and he has been at your front door telling you that he loves you since y'all were like 6!" she took a loud breath and jumped right into the "how was it?" "is he a good kisser?" "was it gross?" I looked at her then at the ground "it was perfect,yes he's a great one too!" my mom pulled up in her car and we made eye contact at the same time rachel and I hopped up and got into the was silent the whole ride home.we finally got home and austin texted me saying "Alex i already miss you!" i smiled and jumped up on my bed..I went to go talk to my mom about him coming over but it worked.Austin finally got there and we hung out for at least two hours! Austin left at 2:30 am and he had convinced us to walk him to the stop sign.rachel said her goodbyes to austin while austin and I said goodnight! I gave him a hug and rachel and I walked back!

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