dont forget about me


18. 2 hours...

when we got to the cafe I was looking at the menu deciding what to get, when austin let go of my hand. I turned and he wasn't there until I looked to the door of the cafe as he was hugging a tall, skinny, pretty blonde. I didn't know what to think I had to smile she could just be a friend,I didn't even have a right to be jealous. As I was staring at austin and this girl he had just ran into I could here the woman as the register wait for me to order "what would you like? mam?" I snapped out of the short time that felt like forever."oh yes just a sweet tea!" I moved down to where I had to wait for my drink. I hadn't seen austin since he left the line. I finally got my drink and just went over to austin and his friend and said "I'm going back up." austin looked up shocked to see me like he had forgotten everything the I love you the kiss the everything! "oh okay this is my friend Jennifer!" I flashed a smile as she said "hi nice to meet you!" I nodded my head to austin as a signal that I was leaving and I just walked away.

I got up to the room and got in bed and texted my friend Rebecca. She has been my best friend since 1st grade and she lived in France.she was born there and moved here then sadly moved back and I learned French so we could talk more and understand our every word and also because it was a "sexy language" I texted her "call me when you can so much to tell you.xoxo" after that I fell asleep.

I woke up to my cell phone was Rebecca! I answered and we automatically got into all of the drama between her boyfriend and then everything with me and austin! it had to be at least 2 hours since I had last seen austin. and as I was laughing and talking the French language austin walked in. "Alex???" I told Rebecca I had to go and hung up.

authors note: hey guys sorry that it's an awkward stopping point. I have been in the middle of finals for the past two weeks so just let me know what you guys think and leave comments;) thanks so much for reading

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