Criminal { Larry Stylinson }

**LARRY STYLINSON; I DID NOT MEAN TO OFFEND ANY KENDALL JENNER OR ELEANOR CALDER FANS** Louis is falsely accused for a crime, and he of course, gets celled with Harry Styles. He was in for a load of stuff, rape, weed, and might I mention...murder.


2. Chapter 2

I woke up and saw a note on my counter to get groceries. I slipped on some sweats and a t shirt and headed out. I put random things in the cart without even checking the prices. Our family could afford anything, but we like to hide that we are millionaires because people just judge everyone they see. Oh he's the stuck up rich kid. Or, they'll just get close to you because of your money. I tried to reach the macaroni and cheese but it was up too high. Even on my tippy toes I couldn't reach it. I just decided we can go a while without macaroni.

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