Criminal { Larry Stylinson }

**LARRY STYLINSON; I DID NOT MEAN TO OFFEND ANY KENDALL JENNER OR ELEANOR CALDER FANS** Louis is falsely accused for a crime, and he of course, gets celled with Harry Styles. He was in for a load of stuff, rape, weed, and might I mention...murder.


17. Chapter 17

Louis' P.O.V:

"So? What does that matter?" I murmured.

"You seriously are asking me this..?" He whispered.

"I'm seriously serious." I said trying not to smile.

"Playing hard to get I see? Fine, that's cool, I don't want you anyway." He joked turning around.

"Shut up Curly" I smiled and jumped into his arms and he held me there for what seemed like forever.

"I was trying to run away... I just have so many fucking problems I just couldn't handle it anymore.." I murmured.

"What do you mean?" He asked putting me down.

I sighed and showed him my wrists.

"Louis I'm-"

Suddenly he was mobbed by cameras and a news reporter.

"Hello! I'm Amanda Woods from channel 7 here with the winner of winning a date with Kendall Jenner! What's your name handsome?" She shoved a microphone in his face.

"Harry Styles.." He said hesitantly.

"Well Harry Styles, you won a date with Kendall Jenner! You two will be going to Hawaii for a date with Kendall Jenner at the famous Brew Palms!" Amanda said.

"That's it for now, I'm Amanda Woods!" She exclaimed.

"Aaaaand that's a rap!" The cameraman said.

"Here's your certificate to prove your the winner, and if things don't work out, give me a call Handsome" Amanda winked then walked away, making sure she stuck her butt out enough.

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