Criminal { Larry Stylinson }

**LARRY STYLINSON; I DID NOT MEAN TO OFFEND ANY KENDALL JENNER OR ELEANOR CALDER FANS** Louis is falsely accused for a crime, and he of course, gets celled with Harry Styles. He was in for a load of stuff, rape, weed, and might I mention...murder.


12. Chapter 12

Harry has two sides. One is cheeky and sweet and the other is mysterious and dark. We went along like any other day, but today, today is the day before we get out. So me and him were real excited.


We left jail and sighed in relief.

"Hey Zayn got released too, can we go by his place? I have to talk to him" he said.

"Uh...sure... I guess" I said.

"But I don't have a car" I added.

"Its cool, we can take mine... " Harry said as he linked our hands together.

"Harry? Where is your car?" I asked.

"Should be in the parking lot two blocks down" he said.

We walked there and found his car.

"Nice ride" I said.

" her brand new" he said admiring his car.

We drove to Zayn's and stopped in his driveway.

"You wouldn't mind if you stayed in here? Zayn can be a bit touchy.." Harry said.

"Oh its fine go ahead" I said.

He walked in and was greeted. Zayn shot me a glare and closed the door behind him. Harry was in there for about 5 minutes and came out.

"Let's take a walk... Zayn has to... to use my c-car for a bit" Harry slurred.

"O-okay." I said.

We walked and talked for a long time, when we came upon a movie theatre.

"OH MY GOD NO WAY!" Harry slurred as he looked at the small table against the theatre, with no one sitting behind it.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Look!" He handed me a small advertisement poster that read:


NAME: ___________________

CELL: ( ____ ) ____-____

ADDRESS: ____________________________

I'm confused. Kendall Jenner? Hello? Can you not tell shes a whore?


"Harry?" I asked.

"What?" Harry giggled.

"Why are you so excited about 'WINNING A DATE WITH KENDALL JENNER!' ? "

"Cause she's hot" he shrugged.


"Are you going to enter?" I asked, slightly offended.

"Uh, YEAH!" He slurred as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"What about us?" I asked crossing my arms.

"What ABOUT us?" He giggled.

"We are together you cant just basically cheat on me infront of my face!" I said.

"But its Kendall Jenner.." He giggled as he pecked the poster.

I didn't reply.

"Not such a big shot are you?" He slurred.

"filthy criminal" I mumbled.

"What?" Harry said.

"I said your just a filthy fucking criminal"

I pushed harry down with all my force.

"You'll pay for that one Tommo" he pouted.

I ran to the only place I could thing of- my mate Niall's.

"Hey Ni" I gasped as he opened the door.

"Uh...hey Louis come in...what's up?" He said inviting me in.

"Nothing...just got outta jail is all" I shrugged.

"Woah mate what happened?!"

I told him everything, but leaving Harry out.

"Well I'm glad you didn't actually commit a crime" Niall sighed as I finished.

"Yeah but it's still on my record" I said shaking my head.

"Sorry mate..hey I was about to have some friends over. Wanna stay?" Niall said turning on the telly.

I nodded. I guess I could have a good time with the guys.

"Man number 15 killed it last season" I said watching the football game.

"Yeah! He was sweet yesterday! He scored twenty goals in a row! Man you should've seen it!" Niall cooed.

"Yeah I could never do that in a million years" I mumbled.

"You play?" Niall asked.


We were interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Its open!" Niall said turning back to the telly.

"Zayn! Liam! Harry!" Niall said as they walked through the door.

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