Criminal { Larry Stylinson }

**LARRY STYLINSON; I DID NOT MEAN TO OFFEND ANY KENDALL JENNER OR ELEANOR CALDER FANS** Louis is falsely accused for a crime, and he of course, gets celled with Harry Styles. He was in for a load of stuff, rape, weed, and might I mention...murder.


10. Chapter 10

I look over at him, and he's just goofing off. He seems to be having way more fun with them than me. He catches me staring at him and he just stares back with no emotion at all, than turns back to his friends.

Harry's P.O.V:

Zayn had just won an arm wrestling match with Ashton, when a certain someone caught my eye. I looked at him, trying to crack a smile, but I just can't. Everytime I look at that gorgeous, beautiful face, I just...I just sink. He barely even talks to me, I shouldn't blame him, I don't talk to him.

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