Criminal { Larry Stylinson }


Louis is falsely accused for a crime, and he of course, gets celled with Harry Styles. He was in for a load of stuff, rape, weed, and might I mention...murder.


1. Chapter 1

Louis' P.O.V:

I am currently walking home from my mate Niall's house. We went over there and played x-box for a good 4 hours, and it's now almost 1am. I hear shrieks and pleads a block or two away, then nothing. This made me super 1:00... why would someone be out so late..?? Maybe they saw a raccoon or a opossum? I run down the alley way the noise is coming from. Its black so all I can see is one guy standing and another on the floor. As I stepped my shoes made a 'clonk' sound. The boy standing up flicked his head over to me. I swallowed a lump in my throat and stepped closer. Then-it hit me. The person standing was a all makes sense! Screaming...then nothing. The man stepped closer to me and I caught a glimpse of his face. His face was beautiful, but he had piercing green eyes. He pushed me up against the wall, and I noticed how much taller he was than me. He put his knife up to my jaw.

"Don't you ever come back" he said in his raspy British accent.

I was afraid to speak, so I managed to shake my head slowly.

He removed the knife from my jaw and signaled me to go. I ran and ran until the man was far out of sight.

I walked into the house and my dad was sitting at the table.

"Hello son. Anything interesting happen tonight?" He asked. Oh yeah, my dad's a policeman.

"Haha no..." I said a little too obvious.

"Mhm..alright then...I'm heading up to bed! If you um...wanna talk...or...I'll be in my room" he said awkwardly walking upstairs.

I followed behind him and went into my room saying a quick "night" as I shut the door.

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