what I've become


1. what I've become

It's hard for me to say who I am now
it's hard to define the person I've become
I've changed much during the past few months
I guess you can call that growing up
I'm not that scared little girl I used to be
but it does not mean that I don't fear things that life keeps throwing at me
I've leared to deal with everything
I found new ways to be who I've always wanted to be
I'm on my own most of the time
and I can face everything, simply knowing that I can
I am able to do so much
I guess I've never realised exactly how much
depended on my own atittude
toward life and toward what I've got to do
I've learned to appreciate what I've got
I've motivated myself to work hard
to be someone that I can be proud of
to set and example for the young girl
who is watching my every step
she will make her own mistakes
hopefully she'll learn from mine as well


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