another world

Liv and Violet had nothing except each other. These twin sisters have been on the streets for a while running from anyone who can claim they have stolen from. They are desperate for money.. But what happens when they try to steal from One Direction? Read more to find out


4. trouble or no trouble

Didn't Smithep200 do a great job? Alright, now here's my chappie! Enjoy loveliesYours till the Hersheys's Kiss !~alphabet


  Liv's P.O.V.   I sighed as I sat down on the bed, trying to process all thing things that just happened. Louis, our Louis that joked around and pulled pranks with us, was in a worldwide famous boy band. And now, he’s disappointed in us, very disappointed in us, and I feel horrible. Louis and I have always been close, but now…I don’t know.   “Liv? What do you think Louis is going to do with us?” Violet whispered her head low. I sighed and shrugged, placing my head into my hands.   “I don’t know Vi. I’m kind of afraid. He seemed so disappointed in us.” I replied back, looking at my sister. Violet nodded in agreement and sat down next to me, placing her hand on top of mine. I gave her a questioning look as she smiled weakly.   “Let’s not think negative. Louis had always had our backs and he won’t stop now.” I nodded as I squeezed her hand, sending a thank you for keeping my hopes up. I was about to speak, but the door opened and Louis walked in as he shoved his phone into his front pocket.   “So, what have I missed? Anything exciting?” Louis asked, trying to get rid of the tension. I looked at Vi and smirked. We have had a pretty exciting life living on the streets.   “Depends on what you mean by exciting?” I said, looking at him as confusion formed onto his face. My smirk grew bigger as I patted the bed, asking him to come sit down. “You’re going to have to sit down for this one Lou.”   “What?” Louis asked, as he walked over to us and sat down next to me.   “Well, we have ran away from the police  plenty of times, stolen things here and there, traveled pretty much all of the United States, and oh! The most exciting part is how we trick the people as we steal their things.” Violet said, trying to hide her smile. I smiled at the thoughts of the both of us tricking all of those people, like today in the lobby. I glanced over at Louis to see that his face was masked with mixed emotions.   “You girls did all of that?” Louis asked, looking both of us in the eyes. I frowned and looked at my now clasped hands as I slowly nodded. “Why?”   “Louis that is how we are still alive today. Trust me, we don’t want to live like that, it’s just….the only way for us to survive.” Violet said, her voice shrinking to a whisper. I took a risk of looking at Louis. He looked so sad and…is that anger?   “Why didn’t you girls contact me? You could’ve gone live with us at home, keep you safe and fed. You wouldn’t be going through this.” Louis said as he pushed himself off the bed to stand in front of us. I slouched and fiddled with my hands, a habit I grew when I was little.   “Louis…we didn’t want to burden you and your family. We were already a burden to ours.” I whispered, a small tear snaking its way down my cheeks. Louis’ face softened as he knelt next to us, placing his hand onto my knee.   “Hey, you guys have never been a burden to us, and you never will.” Louis said, lifting up my chin. I nodded and averted my gaze to Violet who was holding back tears. “Come here, both of you.”   I instantly collapsed into Louis’ strong arms and cried into his shoulder. I missed him so much. He was always the only one, other than Violet, who I trusted. Ever since that accident with my parents….I lost all trust and faith. I have always thought it was Violet and me against the world, but now that Louis is here, maybe that has changed. There was a knock at the door and we broke away from our hug as Louis stood up to go open it.   “It’s going to be okay Liv. We’re going to be okay.” I head Violet whisper, rubbing my back. I looked over at her and nodded as I laid my head on her shoulder. Louis came back in, but with some else. Instantly, I got off of Vi’s shoulder and gave Louis a confused look.   “Vi, Liv, this is Paul one of my bodyguards. Paul, these are my cousins Liv and Violet. Paul here is going to help us.” Louis said with a small smile. Wait a minute….what does he mean by “help”?   “What do you mean, Louis?” Violet asked, her arms crossed across her chest. Louis just gave his famous smirk as his reply.   “Louis….he’s not going to babysit us…is he?” I asked, now standing up with Violet by my side. He of all people knows that we hate babysitters. Ever since we were little, we have always scared them off.  

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