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Liv and Violet had nothing except each other. These twin sisters have been on the streets for a while running from anyone who can claim they have stolen from. They are desperate for money.. But what happens when they try to steal from One Direction? Read more to find out


5. shower, food,paul

Alright alphabet gardrns you all and me with a big cliffhanger.. Let's see what I can do by the way before these get published alphabet garden edits them that is why it will come up in the opposite person who wrote them  Yours till the candle sticks ~ smithep200


Violet's POV


"Liam." Louis spoke quietly. The boy in front of us just stared in confusion. "I can explain this. But you can't tell anyone. Not even the boys."


"Uh... Alright. You can explain while we go down to the lobby. Everyone is waiting for us." Liam replied and Louis nodded turning towards us. He gave us both a reassuring smile and followed the taller boy out of the room. I looked up at... Was it Paul? Yeah. I looked up at Paul and waited for someone to say something.


"Well Liam seems nice." I broke the silence. He honestly did seem pretty cool though. He didn't throw a fit when he saw us in here.


"Oh yeah? Wait till you meet the others." Paul laughed. Oh right there were others. I wonder what they are like. I mean I watched the first two minutes of that video but I didn't really recognize Liam in there. Maybe they all changed a lot. Louis sure looked older from that video.


"Uh... Can I take a shower?" I questioned. It would be nice to shower. Unfortunately, I haven't done that in a while. 


"Of course. Are you girls hungry?" He asked nicely. Alright I liked Paul already. I mean the guy was giving us food. I'm a girl. I like food. Especially free food which I'm hoping is the case.


"Yes! Can you please get us some food?" Liv took charge there. She must be as hungry as I am. My stomach gurgled at the thought. I need my shower first.


"Of course. I'll be right back." He exited the room and we were alone finally. 


"I can't believe that just happened." Liv whispered to herself. She smiled up at me.


"Do you realize what this means? We can actually go home. To Doncaster. We can finally have a family again." I was in awe at the sudden turn of events. I gave my sister the biggest hug ever, wrapping my arms around her tight.


"You can go take your shower now." She laughed in my ear. I pulled away from her and practically galloped to the bathroom. I grabbed a towel and placed it on the toilet by the tub and turned the handle to turn the shower on. I found the perfect temperature and began taking my clothes off. I made sure I locked the door. Two people have walked in on me today and there really doesn't need to be a third. especially when I'm showering.


"Da... da da... da da... dum dum... da da..." I sang to myself. Louis got that freaking song stuck in my head. Sadly I was only able to hear the first two words so I just kept humming the first few notes. I grabbed a wash rag from the cupboard and hopped in feeling relaxed as the hot water covered my body.


It was disgusting how much dirt was washing down the drain with the sweet scented bubbles. Needless to say I had been a very dirty girl the past few weeks. Haha, I made a funny. Wow I am an idiot. When I was done cleaning off any more dirt, I used those cute little shampoo and conditioner bottles to wash my hair. Hopefully this was the last time I will ever see this much dirt sink down the drain.


I turned the knobs to the shower and grabbed my towel wrapping it tightly around my body. I shook my tangled hair out and stepped out onto the fuzzy rug. Someone knocked on the door.


"Vi. Open the door I have some clothes for you." I heard Liv's voice call from the other side. I opened up and grabbed the clothes from her hand. They were one of our fresher pairs we stole about two weeks ago. I only wore them once.


"Thanks." I said grabbing the clothes and shutting the door. I almost tripped while getting into my under garments. I pulled on the dark blue skinny jeans and a hot pink shirt from Aero. I've always wanted to actually shop there. Maybe now I might be able to. When I was done, I looked at myself in the mirror. My hair was in one big wet mess but my face looked cleaner. I exited the bathroom and found Liv sitting on the bed with some boxes of food scattered along it. Paul was sitting down in a chair watching a movie on the mini television at the front of the room.


"Paul brought up a hair brush and toothbrushes for us." She smiled showing me the utilities.


"Oh. Thank you Paul. Um... Liv can you brush my hair for me?" I questioned hopeful. Mother used to brush our hair for us after our baths. Now Liv was the closest to family I had. Well other than Lou, but he is a boy. It just wouldn't be the same.



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