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Liv and Violet had nothing except each other. These twin sisters have been on the streets for a while running from anyone who can claim they have stolen from. They are desperate for money.. But what happens when they try to steal from One Direction? Read more to find out


2. hotel operation gone wrong

Liv's P.O.V

  “Liv! Wake up!” I heard my twin sister, Violet scream into my ear. I groaned as I shifted and pulled the thin blanket closer to my chest, shutting my eyes tighter. Violet groaned as I felt the blanket get ripped out of my grasp allowing the cold air to sting my dirty skin. I instantly sat up and glared at my older sister.

  “Hey! I was sleeping!” I yelled as I jumped off the bed and went towards Violet to try and pry the gray blanket away from her. Violet just smirked as she lifted it above her head, knowing that she is an inch taller than me. I frowned as I jumped my fingers a few centimeters away from the thin fabric. “Oh come on!”

  “tsk, tsk, tsk Liv! You know what today is?”Violet said, a smile tugging at her pale lips. I tilted my head and shook my head no, raking my brain for what was scheduled to do today. “Were going to that fancy hotel and going to the suites!”  

 My eyes widened as I smiled. How could I forget that!? Today we were going to sneak into the hotel and grab the key that gave us all access to all of the rooms, the ones that those house keeping people always have in order to enter the rooms and clean them up. Then we were going to the top floor with the huge rooms to steal some of the things like food, water bottles, some clothes, and accessories so we can sell and receive money. “What time are we leaving?”

 “Right now! So let’s go!” Violet said, tugging on my arms as we raced downstairs.”And you’re supposed to be the responsible one.” I heard her mumble as I gave her a glare before I went to grab my blue backpack and out the back door of our abandoned house. We ran down the streets, our messy brown hair blowing in the wind. 10 minutes later, we finally arrived at the fancy hotel that is 12 stories high.

  “Woah. You ready to go insi-“ Violet was rudely cut off by a crowd of screaming girls with posters running towards the front of the hotel. I looked over towards my sister and raised my eyebrow. What’s happening here? Vi just rolled her eyes, and grabbed my wrist, yanking me towards the screaming girls.  

“Vi, got the bags?” I asked as the screams got louder and louder. Violet gave me smirk and nodded, patting the inside of her pink PINK jacket that we recently stole. I smiled back as we entered the hotel, pushing through the revolving doors. My eyes widened as I saw the huge lobby that was super fancy with multiple couches and plants in the center. As I looked up, I saw a crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling above. They even had a restaurant in here!

  “Wow, is this amazing or what?” Violet asked, her mouth shaped a perfect ‘o’ from shock and amazement. I nodded my head, to amazed to talk.”Come on; let’s grab that key and go. You remember the plan?”   “Of course I do, you ready to set it in action?” I said, a smirk creeping onto my lips. Vi nodded and ran towards the elevators. I slowly crept my way over to the counter, waiting for her to give me the signal. Violet placed the back of her hand to her forehead and collapsed as she closed her eyes. I ran to the men behind the counter and slammed the bell, grabbing their attention. They raised an eyebrow as I pointed to Violet.”Look! That girl fainted! Go get help! Help her!” I screamed, panic dripping in my voice.

  The men instantly ran towards Violet, grabbing everybody’s attention to them as I ran behind the counter and quickly looked for the keys. There was orders and people panicking as I shuffled through the room keys. Aha! Found them. I quickly grabbed the room key and shoved them into my pocket. I ran out from behind the counter and slowed my steps as I crept closer to Vi. Now it was time to give her the signal that I found the key.  

“Look! Her eyes are opening!” I screamed as I ran towards her. As I was on my way to push past the crowd of people, I ran into someone, causing me to fall on the ground with someone on top of me. I groaned as I looked up to see a pair of emerald colored eyes looking into my blue ones.   “Umm, can you please get off of me?” I asked, my cheeks heating up. The person stood up, extending out their hand to help me up. I slowly took it as I studied the person. It was a him. He had brown curly locks that was swept to the side, a cheeky grin plastered to his pink lips, and oh my gosh, he has the cutest dimples ever!  

“Sorry about that, love. I’m in a bit of a hurry.” he said with an accent. Was that a British one? That made my stomach flips, instantly making me homesick. Ever since my parent made us move over here from Doncaster, England, it hasn't been the same. I lost my best friend who happened to be my cousin and I lost both of my parents in an accident. Just thinking that made me shudder.

  “Its fine, look I have to go. It was nice meeting you!” I said before I ran off. The people gave me dirty looks as I shoved them aside, making my way over to my sister as she fluttered her eyes. I knelt beside her and winked as she slowly stood up. “You okay, there?”   “Ya, I’m fine, thanks. What happened?” Violet asked, as she rubbed her head. She looked around her and tensed, noticing all of the attention towards her. Her head snapped towards me, looking straight into my eyes as she slowly stood up. This was the sign that we should cut it short and get a move on.

  “You fainted, do you want me to help you to your room?” I asked, lightly grabbing her arm. She slowly nodded her head as we walked toward the elevators. As we turned the corner, we both smiled at each other and ran towards the elevator, pressing the button. “Did a good job acting back there, Vi.”

 “Thanks, you too. Got the key?” Violet asked as the elevator dinged. I nodded and we stepped inside, only for our mouths to open in shock…once again. Three of the walls of the elevator were made of glass, giving us access to see the lobby. “No way, this is a glass elevator!”

  “Ohmygosh!” I said as the elevator door closed and I pressed the 12th floor button. After I hit the button, we ran to the railing and stood there star struck. The ride was fast and before we knew it, the elevator dinged. I pouted as we walked out of the cool elevator, but then smirked once I pulled out the key. “Let’s do this thing.”

  Violet ran up to the closet room and knocked, waiting to see if anyone would open the door. Lucky for us no one did, so I grabbed the key and unlocked the door. We walked into the room to see food wrappers scattered all over the room, talk about messy.

  “Okay, you go look for some clothes and accessories while I grab some food and water.” Violet said. I nodded my head as walked deeper inside the hotel room. There were two different rooms.“Hey Vi! There are two rooms! You want to get one?” I asked, entering the one to the left. The room was pretty tidied up compared to the entrance. There was  blue luggage sitting close to the bed and nightstand. I made my way towards it and picked it up, placing it on top of the crème colored bed. As I unzipped the suitcase I frowned, noticing it was male clothes.I picked up a few clothes and a snapback and violet shouted "are you done yet?"

  “Umm, sure! Let me finished packing this stuff. Don’t want to make it too noticeable that some of their stuff is missing.” Violet called out as I closed the luggage. While I was setting the luggage back on the floor, I noticed a silver watch, one of those really expensive ones. “Ok! I’m in the-woah! This room has more food in here!”  

I chuckled as I walked up to the watch and picked it up, twirling it in my hands. A small smile spread across my lips as I noticed that this could feed us for at least a month. I heard a door open and close, causing me to jump. Eh, it’s probably Violet, boy was I wrong.“What are you doing?” I head a familiar male voice asks me, making my body freeze...   


Author note sorry that this had too be edited the second part of this chapter was in a different part of my notes on my phone and I didn't see it this chapter is dedicated to lily Anna nightshade who is an amazing author and my first movella that i read was hers she also created this cover and I am sure I will return to here cover store for my next movellas . also smithep200 will be co authoring this and will be doing violets pov.

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