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Liv and Violet had nothing except each other. These twin sisters have been on the streets for a while running from anyone who can claim they have stolen from. They are desperate for money.. But what happens when they try to steal from One Direction? Read more to find out


3. family reunion

hi like alphabet garden sorta said i wanted to help a new movellian before i leave movellas i will be leaving my accont open though wont be on much i hope all my fans see this fanfiction and realise that i will not update hope you enjoy Peace, love and pogo sticks 

Violet's POV

    I was stuffing the last thing I could fit into my bag when I heard a door. I snapped my head up and searched the room one last time before putting the bag over my shoulder and walking away. Oh wait a second... I might just take that sweatshirt. It looks pretty comfy cozy. I grabbed the warm fabric from the bed and made my way through to the next room where my sister was.

  "Liv I heard a door. We should probably... Oh my god." I stopped when I saw him. Tousled brown hair with blue eyes just like ours. Do I know him from somewhere?

  "Louis?" Liv questioned in a whisper. Louis? No... It can't be. The boy looked at us confused for a moment. He opened his mouth but nothing came out.


  "Lou! Where are you?" I yelled after my cousin whom I was trying to find. His house was big and so many hiding places were possible here.  

"Vi did you find him?" My twin sister Liv asked me when I stopped in the kitchen. My mum and my Aunt Jay were laughing about something at the counter. My dad was at home packing up for our move to America. This was our last visit with our family.

 "Not yet. Where's Lottie?" I asked my Aunt.

  "She's sleeping up stairs. Try not to be too loud alright sweetie?" She smiled at me. I was going to miss her so much. I went upstairs because I know Louis would probably be up in his room.

  "Lou? Come on Louis. I give up on this game." I pouted sitting on the floor in the middle of his hallway.  

"Violet! Come here I found him!" Liv called from downstairs. I got up and ran down. In the living room sat Liv and Louis. Louis had two pieces of paper in his hands.  

"What's that?" I asked him. His ten year old self grinned at me and gave me one paper and Liv the other.  

"So you will always remember your favorite cousin and best friend." He smirked. I looked down at the paper and saw a small letter.  

'Dear Violet,   I will always miss you and Liv. You were the best cousins ever. And it was even cooler that you are twins! I love you both so much and I hope we can meet again.   Love Always, Your favorite cousin, Louis :)'   "Aww! Louis I'm going to miss you! But not your messiness. And you stink sometimes." I laughed. He rolled his eyes and we all hugged.

  "Girls we have to go. Say your last good byes." Our mum said. This was it. I looked at Louis again and smiled sadly. I didn't want to leave.

  *Present Time*  

"Vi... Liv..." He whispered. Tears were forming in the corners of my eyes. I ran towards him and wrapped my arms around him tight. Liv was with me in an instant and Louis held us both. After all these years of being completely alone, we finally found someone we know we can trust. Family.

  "Oh god I missed you." Liv joyed. I can't believe this is real right now! Louis is here! Wait a second... Louis is here... In the hotel room we were just stealing from...  

"Uh... Why are you even here?" I asked Lou. I pulled away from him.

  "This is my room. Mine and my friends actually." He answered seriously. Wow his voice got deeper. Well of course it did the last time I saw him, he was ten and we were six. No wonder he barely recognized us. I think he's catching on to what I'm getting at here.  

"And why exactly are you in America?" Liv questioned him.

  "Well. I'm in a band. A very famous boy band. One Direction. You haven't heard of them?" Louis explains. Louis? In a boy band? I started laughing causing everyone in the room to jump.  

"Oh that's funny Lou. A boy band huh? Do you do those weird dance moves too?" I laughed. He rolled his eyes at me. He took out his phone and typed in something.  

"What are you doing?" Liv asked him.  

"Watch." Louis ordered as he held his phone in front of us. The screen was dark. Then it opened up on a beach. 'Directed by John Urbano' Oh how fancy. Da... da da... da da. I listened to a strange beat play with fingers pounding against a steering wheel. I continued to watch not sure what Louis was-  

"No! No! That's- No! How did this happen?" I shrieked taking the phone from him. Wow this must be a really expensive phone. Oh come on Vi, think of something other than theft for once!  

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