Isn't She Lovely

When she was 16, she fell for those piercing green eyes and dimples. But what happens when he breaks up with her so he can go to the Xfactor? Right before she was about to tell him she's pregnant?
9 months later she she's the boy she never wanted to see again. Will he find out? Or will she keep it from him? Will they ever love again? Read to find out!


1. The Breakup.

Jordan's POV

Nonononononononono! This can't be happening! I'm only 16! He's never going to talk to me again! He'll be disgusted by me! What will my parents say?! I sit there crying for 2 more hours until I finally decided to grab my keys and go to Harry's. *skip car ride* I go to the door and Harry immediately opens it. "I have to tell you something!" We tell at the same time "Okay, you go first" I tell him. "I'm so sorry but I have to break up with you..." After that I didn't listen I couldn't breathe. I think my heart actually stopped. Tears started pouring from my eyes before I knew it. "I'm so sorry" he tries to grab my hand but I push him away. "Don't touch me" I whispered. "C'mon babe don't be that way, I'm sorry!" He tried to grab my hand but this time I've had enough! "DONT TOUCH ME, I HATE YOU! NEVER TALK TO ME AGAIN! DONT EVEN LOOK AT ME!" "Please Jordan, don't be mad" his eyes were puffy from crying. It broke my heart even more to see him like that, if it can even be anymore broken. I ran to my car and lock the doors. He starts pounding on the window yelling "Jordan please hear me out!" But I just couldn't, he broke my heart enough, I can't take it. I drive away as fast as I can without a goodbye. I run into my apartment and flop onto my bed immediately! I cry my eyes out for days and days, I really felt like my like was over. I finally got enough strength to get up and turn on the tv. I was watching X-factor! My favorite show! I press play and there he is. Those green eyes and dimples. I don't care how much he broke me, I still love him and I'll support him.

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