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10. tree house or tree pool?





-Jaelyn XD

************************************Taylor's POV

***7:30 pm**

I was sitting on the couch on twitter when my stomach growled. I looked at the top of my screen to see the black letters in the middle if the top of the screen and it read-7:30pm. I got up and walked to the kitchen. I've been exhausted lately because of my non 'sober-ness' from the Red Bull.i went to the cabinet and pulled out the bottle. Advil. I took a glass and put water in it then took the two pills and continued to drink the water till it was gone. I put the bottle away and put the glass in the sink. Oh yeah! Did I tell you that this 'house' more like cough cough mansion cough was fully furnished? We-meaning me,Louis,Vikki,and Niall- went shopping this morning for food and things like that. That is where I got the Advil. I sat on the counter and thought to myself. What to eat what to eat! Oh I have an idea, I pulled out a pot am filled it half way with water. I put it on the stove top and let it start to boil while I pulled out the spaghetti and poured it in the now boiling water. I wanted a couple minutes till I drained it and put my white cheese sauce ingredients in the pot. I mixed it all up then adding the cooked spaghetti into the pot. I stirred it and put it in two bowls. I put a fork in rack bowl and put them on the table. I turned the stove off and walked around the house.

Living room-nothing.


Library (don't judge!)- nothing.

Spare bedrooms-nothing.

Downstairs bathroom-nothing.

Front porch-nothing

Back yard-nothing


Pathway to garden-nothing

Where in the world is he? As I walked back to the house from the garden I saw a body...

Of water. (Hahahahah. Tricked ya! ;)) I walked over to the water and it looks like a pond. Once I got closer, I saw there was a tar-ed roadway up a very small hill and led through trees. I followed the tar road and say it led to the pond. I walked to where the tar stopes and the sand started. It was beautiful. It was more like a lake then a pond but was a bot smaller than a lake. There was a tree by the edge of a side of the lake am it had a rope swing. On the other side of the huge tree it had about three tire swings parted out. I sat in one taking in the beautiful scene. I wish louis was here-ah crap. I have to find him! As I started to get up the tire went up so I had no choice but to hold on. After about a minute going up the HUGE tree it stopped. I looked to my right and I saw a plat form. I got of the swing and walked onto it. I looked forward and saw stairs. I walked up about three pairs of stairs and saw a tree house. I walked inside and it had air conditioning, a bar, two couches, a indoor pool and hot tub, and a porch. I walked out into the porch and saw a everything we had back behind out house. Hey we have a gulf course! I looked to the life and the right and on the right side I saw a -slide? I walked back into the house and I went to the pool area. The pool was attached to the slide and had pool-tubes you could ride down. Awesome! You could go down with one or without! I took of my tank top and shorts and got in to the pool-not ruining my bun on the top of my head. The water was worm and had a joy full felling. I got out on the other side and got in one of the one-person tubes. I sat back in the water and pushed myself to the slide. I slid down for a couple secs until I got to another pool. This on was the same thing it just an area where it was only a pool. It had a stair case going back up to the top floor too. I went down a slide again and this time it was a bit faster and longer. It was all dark and then I went into another pool. This one was the same as the last floor- just a room with a pool and stairs-but it was all neon. I went down a slower slide that was again pitch black and went into another pool.the room was the same yet it had lighting that was turned down. I went down another couple slides and reached outside. I wasn't in the opening of the pool tho. I was under a waterfall with seats under it. You could turn the water fall off with a switch so I did and then went out. I turned it back on after and saw you could jump off the water fall too. I got out of the pool and went back up. I saw the tire swing that I rode up was back down I went up,put my clothes on and went down the tire swing. I went Inside am put the spaghetti in the microwave. I put it back out when it was Donne and thought for a min. Ah ah! THE MASTER BEDROOM!!!!!! I'm an idiot! I went up and say louis on the bed with his phone in his hand.

"Hey. What's up?" He asks putting his phone on the nightstand and looking up at me.

"Oh you know- just looking around to see where the heck you were. We have practice in three hours. And here is your food. Say quickly. I have to show you something" I said and handed him his bowl of spaghetti. I crawled on the bad and are also. Once we were done I ran-yes ran. Gosh get it right- down the stairs.

"Why so in a rush?"louis asked me putting his dishes in the sink. I grabbed his hand interlocking out fingers and pulled him to the tree house. Once I was done touring him, we sat at the edge of the bottom pool.

"It's like we have our own water park!" I squealed and heard him laugh.

"Yeah. Oh crap we have to go in 45 mins." He said standing up but failing on staying there. I saw a boy fall in the water and head a ahhhhhh. By the time he got ilium I couldn't stop laughing. We went inside and Louis kept shaking his head most likely thinking of a way to get me back. We walked inside and say down after re-hearing our spaghetti and started eating.

"do you think it's more of a tree house or tree pool?" I asked louis.

"More of a tree pool would you say so?" he asked back.

Sorry guys! I had writers block for a while. And sore it's so short. I'll post another chapter soon I promise! Thanks!!

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