The Glee Project


12. the Oreo Queen

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Taylor's POV

It's now Saturday morning and we have been in London for Two weeks. Me and the others meet the Rest of one direction last week. Today and tomo we have the day off from singing. Cool right. Vikki is over and Niall is visiting a couple friends today or something. So me,louis and Vikki are just siting here on the living room of mine and louis flat ( MANSION!!!)

"I'm going to my room for a sec..." I said and waked up the stairs slowly. Once I was at the top and saw that louis and Vikki were watching me I just ran to my room.

Vikkis POV

"She has Been up there for a while and this Spongebob stuff is boring me. I'm checking on her" I said and walked upstairs with Louis hot on my tail. We got to her door and listened.

"Child what do you have to say for yourself...?"

I looked to louis and saw he had the same look on. Weird.

"Now bow down to me.....BOW DOWN!" She yelled through the closed door; as her voice cracked.

"Oh what was that you say? I couldn't Hear you! speak louder...!"

"Oh now that was just plain old rude..." She said and I swear I could tell she was sassing what ever she was talking too and snapping her fingers in many different places.

"Well I'll take care of that problem..." she said and laughed.

We cracked the door open and saw her wearing a blanket with a design that had Oreos all over it, she she wore a crown made out of paper that has real Oreos glued to that. She was standing on a chair and had a wand and a half eaten cookie in her hands. I looked to the floor and saw about five more cookies. On the bed there was an empty box of Oreos.

"What are you doing? I'm kinda in the middle of something." she said and looked over to us pointing her wand in different places and eating the rest of the cookie in he hand.

"We were just c-"

"LEAVE!" She yelled.


"LEAVE" she yelled again.

"Okay weird child" louis said and we walked out.

"YOUR ONE TO TALK LOU!" she yelled through the closed door. I rolled my eyes and walked back down stairs with Lou.

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