The Glee Project


3. Sign Up Sheet

Hello guys. So this is the very first chapie for this book. Please vote,comment,follow me, and enjoy! Thank you!


-Jaelyn XD


Taylor's POV

***Last class of the day on the last day of school***

Hello there! I'm Taylor Pines! I am 19 and I'm just finishing university for singing. I know, I'm taking other classes too, but my main one is singing class. I have dark brown hair, and brown eyes. I'm tall and skinnyish I guess you could say. I have a love for singing as you already know and I have two best friends, Vikki and Megan. We always hang out a lot and we just do everything together. Today is the last day of school for me and the girls. Megan is gonna be gone all summer though. I'm probably gonna go back home to London and get a job because I know I'm not gonna be able to be a singer. Well off to reality now....

I am in my last class for the day, and me and everybody are just sitting around in music for the last 10 minutes of class, when Mrs. Shelby comes up to the stage.

"Students!" she says and we all face her and quit talking.

"This is a sign up sheet for a surprise. If you aren't doing anything this summer and you want to have funn......" She says dragging out the 'fun' everybody groans. "Then come put your name on this list and I will contact you tomorrow!" she says puting the slip of paper on a table.

"Taylor!" she says

"Yes M'am?"

"Pick a partner and go on stage to sing something! My clock is broken so we have 10 minutes left of class." she says. I point to Vikki and we go behind the stage curtains. We put on some fake costumes and dress really odd. We walk out on stage and everybody laughs. I whisper into Vikki's ear and wonder what we will sing.

"What about the song from Pitch Perfect? Bellas Finals?" she whispers back. I nod and I pull up the song on my phone. I nod to Vikki and press play. Once people see what we are singing they all smile in joy. They start singing along and dancing to the beat. Once we finish the song we had about three minutes left of class. The teacher dismissed us a bit early so before me and Vikki left we went to the sign up sheet.

"Why not, it might be fun." Vikki said. I shrugged and nodded. We went up to the sheet and saw that about 13 people signed up. We signed our names and wrote our phone numbers down and walked out of the school to Vikki's car. We drove down to our apartment and went inside.

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