The Glee Project


5. Just the beginning of the wars

hello guys! so you can see that i didnt get it to five chapters last night... i fell asleep. opps! well here is another chapter! please enjoy,vote,comment,and follow me! please and phank ya berry much! Xx


-Jaelyn XD


*Taylors POV*

"So why AREEE you here?" I asked siting on the couch across from them. Oh crap, I'm only wearing a sports bra and shorts. Ehh oh well, not like they will care anyway. they can have any girl in the world.

"Um well, it's a long story..." Niall said

"Well okay so we are doing this school summer thing for a lady called Mrs.Shelby, and so we were supposed to leave next week with the boys and Paul, but then this Idiot..." Niall said pointing to Louis. "Snuck out of the house and went to the airport. Thank god i was eating in the kitchen or else we would wake up with a missing louis." NIall said and I laughed.

"Typical Louis and Niall" Vikki said under her breath and I lost it. I was basically crying and rolling on the floor.

"Ahhhhhh. yep!" I said and laid down straight on the floor. I looked up and saw Louis wink at me. I looked down a bit then glared at Louis sitting up. How dare he look there.

"What I'm a male. I cant help it!" Louis said putting his hands up in defence. I looked over to Vikki and Niall and saw them in their own world talking.

"Oh so how did you get here?' I asked Louis.

"Niall called Mrs.Shelby, and she gave us your address and said we could spend the night at your apartment." He said like it was no big deal.

"So because we are in London, where were you before you flew here?" I asked

"We were in America, New York. We were gonna stay there for a 'vaca' " Louis said putting quotation marks around 'vaca'. I rolled my eyes and yawned.

"Hey Vikki! stop blushing and get over here!" I yelled over to the kitchen where Vikki and Niall are. She glared at me and yelled back.

"Why do you yell so much woman, i mean your only a couple feet away! and I'mmm eattttinggggggg!" she wined

"Like i care!"

"UGH FINE!!!" She said back and then herself and Niall appeared in our living room. We had a huge flat!She sat down and Niall stood by her, both eating about a whole thanksgiving dinner. Yes that show much food we have to buy, because she eats that much. Normal though!

"Where is Louis and Thanksgiving gonna sleep?" I asked her. I high fived louis and smirked.

"Hey! I'm right here!" Niall said with a mouth full.

"Um Niall can sleep with me? and LOU-IS can sleep with you.." Vikki said saying Lou is instead of Louis. I glared at her and Louis stood up

"Oh it is on!"

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