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9. I love (IC) FAY!

Hello there. Here is chapter 7! Yay! Two chapie a in one night! Yes! And the croup goes wild... Anyway... Please vote,comment,share,ENJOY!, and follow me. I'll follow back ;). Please please enjoy and vote tho. Also I would like you to comment if I should do you as one if the girls' names I listed in the last chapter, except for Vikki and Taylor. You can't be them sorry. But if you want me to put you in the chapters let me know what name you picked and, Who is your favorite guy in 1D besides Louis and Niall? Please comment tho! Love ya lots!!!XXXXXxxxxx :)

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Louis POV.

Once I woke up was still dark outside. What time is it and where am i? k asked myself. I looked down and saw a beautiful girl snuggling with me. I moved a strand of her hair out form her face and tried to move my legs. I soon noticed they were tangled with hers. I relived one arm from her and grabbed my phone I turned on the lock screen to soon regret it. '1:27 pm.' I got up carefully and went to wake up Niall. He was in the same position that me and Taylor were in. Once he got out of bed he took a shower, then I. We made breakfast with the food that was in the fridge. Eggs,bacon,toast,and pancakes. Niall almost burnt the bacon and eggs,and I burnt my hand on a pan for the pancakes. Once we played the food, me and Niall ate. Then we carried Tay's and Vi's plates into the room we had each stayed in. I set the plate down on the night stand and kissed Taylor's cheek. Nothing. I then kissed her forehead. Nothing.

"It's time to get uppp" I sang to bet. She sty red and pushed me away.

"Noooooo" she said falling aback asleep. I tickled her sides and she screamed.

"St-stoop- l-Louis-s-stop!" She yelled between laughs. I stopped but straddled her.

"Say I'm the sexiest Person alive" I said.

"I'm the sexiest person alive" she said back to me. Smart girl. I ticked her shins and she gave up. She are and then took a shower while me and Niall cleaned up.


Once it was 11:00 am, we had nothing to do so we went out to look at the airport. My idea.

I heard screams being yelled out way and I instantly forgot. Disguises!i pulled everyone away and we started running with the girls chasing us.

"Run to the room!" I yells to the three people that were behind me. We had to run through everything. On the way down I ran into wall and hit my head really hard. I heard Taylor laugh and basically start crying. I saw the girls again so the only thing I could do was oil her up. I went to the door and banged on it.

"Niall! it's me Lou and Tay! Open up! Taylor shut up!" I yelled over and over again. Once Niall opened the door I out the the laughing girl that is now crying on the couch. Vikki pointed to her and asked what happened. I grunted an walked to the kitchen.


"Yep. That's the louis I know.." Niall says;turning around to the microwave to get his good out and eat it. I mocked his words.

"Yep that's the Niall I know." I said.

**two hours later**

I wanted to go check on the girls and heard music playing from the room me and Taylor slept in last night. I walked I the the room to see Taylor sleeping. I laughed and rolled my eyes. I tucked her in and turned off her music. I kissed her forehead and walked to the door the hear her speak up.

"Louis don't go" taylor said.

"You sure?" I asked. She nodded with her eyes still closed. I jumped on the bed, kicked my shoes off,and got in to have her snuggle into me. I wrapped my arms around her fragile body

"How did you know it was me?" I asked her.

"One,you kiss me in the same spot every time,two, I know what your manly perfume smells like." She said smiling. I hugged her a bit more and chuckled. I closed my eyes and fell asleep, but to have an alarm for 2:30.

I am really falling for this girl. But why? I only met her four days ago.

*on the plane*


Once we were on the plane,we were all sat down. It was a four in one row,two in the other row kind of plane. In order from window to isle. Me, Vikki, Niall, Louis. We were an hour into the flight. I pressed next on my iPhone and one if my favorite songs came on. It's called '(I Can't) Forget About You.' By R5. I hummed to the time until the lyrics played. Only the glee club was on this plane really. Nobody else. It's summer what can you say?

"Okay. We are about to take off. Please listen" a lady said and we watched her teach us how to get to safety of we needed to. Once the plane took off I pulled out my phone and put in my ear phones.

**Hour Later*

Once the song was over I heard the next song come on. It was a very good an up-beat one. I love the song to death and I love the artist group. It's (I Can't Forget About You ((IC) FAY)) by R5. I started humming along until I heard other people goin the song;starting with Vikki,Niall, and louis. I guess they are a fan if R5.

"Oh no, here we go

Hear your voice on the radio

Like every single song is about you, uh

Every sec that we spent

Like cement stuck up in my head

Got me so distracted and confused

Baby, I think I've lost my mind

Feels like you crashed into my life

I keep on losin' track of time

I'm so messed up, yeah

I'm so messed up!

I can't remember what I did tonight

Or even yesterday

Like dude, where's my car?

Excuse me, what's my name?

Someone gave me these clothes

I can't remember who

My mind's a total blank

But I just can't forget about you,

Ooh ooh oh (forget about you)

Think that it's comin' back

Something about the time we had

Wish that we would've been recordin'

So right, super tight

Can't recall a thing last night

But woke up with a smile in the morning

Baby, I think I've lost my mind

Feels like you crashed into my life

I keep on losin' track of time

I'm so messed up, yeah

I'm so messed up!

I can't remember what I did tonight (did tonight)

Or even yesterday

Like, dude, where's my car?

Excuse me, what's my name? (excuse me what's my name)

Someone gave me these clothes

I can't remember who

My mind's a total blank

But I just can't forget about you,

Ooh oh oh forget about you

Forget about you

I just can't forget about you

(Yeah, you, you, you)

Forget about you

(Oh, I just can't forget about you)

Which way is up? Which way is down?

Can't stop this room from spinning 'round

I'm floating high, high off the ground

Caught in my head, can't get you out

I can't remember what I did tonight

Or even yesterday

Like, dude, where's my car?

Excuse me, what's my name? (oh oh ohhhh)

Someone gave me these clothes

I can't remember who

My mind's a total blank

But I just can't forget about you,

(Ooh ooh oh) ooh forget about you

I just can't forget about you (ooh oh ooh)

Forget about you

Oh, woah

Oh, woah, oh, oh, oh

Oh, whoah, oh

Oh, oh, oh" we all sang. By that time we were all bolting out the lyrics. We all laughed and smiled. I can't wait to be singing at the gym- wait what are our plans. I looked around me and yelled.

"Mrs. Shelby!"

"Yes Taylor?"

"What are our plans for the time we are spending here and for how long?"

"Okay. So once we get to London, you will echo pic a flat. Only two can live in one tho. Well will be living ere for about 4 and a half months. It depends on you. You make your own money. You have the rest of the day to yourself besides when we need to rehearse or are performing. We sty ally have date when we will be making two music videos for some one. This competition is about working together for the first part. After 8 weeks you will do your last performance together. Then you will have to do solo for the judges. Every other school is doing something like a free vacation or some thing. But this prize for the winner is to go on tour with this boy band here" he said pointing to Louis and Niall. We all woh'ed and started talking again.

"This is going to be one heck of a 4 and 1/2 month singing competition" Vikki said.

"Yeah. I can't believe we are actually doing this!" I said back to her.

"Oh my god so yesterday when Niall and I went out we were singing to does he know and he kissed my cheek. I blushed. What does that mean?" she asked me quieting down.

"Somebody's in love! yesterday when Louis kissed me good night I blushed deep red. I think I might like him. But it's no way it can happen. I mean come one. Look! They can have any girl in the world!" I said. She nodded and the intercoms thingy came on again.

"We are about to land. Welcome to London everybody! Please have a safe trip and thank you for riding the Costal Air! Please put up all seat tables and electronics. Thank you!" the lady voice said. I put my phone away and closed my eyes. Only to have Vikki slap me.


"We are landing in like ten minutes idiot. It's not time to sleep!" She said back. I faced the window and closed my eyes again. I heard Vikki sigh in defeat.

"I know I'm not gonna win this battle" she said. About ten minutes later I felt the place come to a stop.

"Taylor" a voice said. "Taylor" it said again. "Tayyyloooor" the same voice said again. Yep defiantly a male.

"Taayyyyloooooorrrr" Louis said poking me in the cheek AGAIN. I slapped his hand away to hear him whin.

"She slapped me! did you see that Nialler?" he slapped me. Louis said and the. I felt my self being picked up. I griped onto Louis shirt still not opening my eyes.


"Huuuu. Niall grab our stuff please. I have to carry this freakishly light potato." I said and felt a sting to my arm. I saw it get red and looked to my now empty arms.

"I'll walk and umm noooo aaa pootaatooo" Taylor whines but cut herself off with a yawn. I laugh and basically for the hole trip out of the air port she is yawning and almost falling asleep walking. So I take action. We stop for a bathroom break before we leave and I take Taylor with me. I went into a store and bought 7 red bulls. What they were on sale. I walked out to a sleeping Taylor

"TAYLIR WAKE UP!" I yelled. I got a lot of glares from transom people but just ignored it. She woke up and saw what I had.

"I'm not allowed to haw those. Vikki said that if I drink one I'm in trouble. Those are not for me. Nope" she said shanking her head.

"What can go wrog?" I asked her and opened her one. I drank on myself am she finally took a sip. Then another,and then the hole thing. And then another one. And then another one. And another one. She drank all the rest if the six that I didn't drink. She she was basically the hipper-ist person I have ever seen. I hoped Vikki didn't notice. I put all the vans in the recycling and FINALLY made Taylor still. I sat her down and she looked normal, but her eyes were wide open and her foot wasn't still at all. I would've gave her my sunglasses but they are part of my disguise from the crowd. I went and bought her a pair and put them on her. Once Vikki came back. She saw Taylor's foot and went wide eyes at me.

"What did you give her?" she asked.

"Nothing" she's just beating her foot to a uh -really really fast song!" I said quickly for her.

"Not you! Taylor what did he give you?"


"Say that again please"


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