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6. good Mornings!

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*Louis POV*

I woke up to a thud. I sat up to my back hurting like crazy. What, where am I? Last night came flooding back to me and I saw I was in Taylor's and Vikki's living room. I looked down to see Taylor tangled up in some blackest holding her head. I got up to only trip and fall on top of her. Before I could land on top of her I put my hands out, keeping my weigh off of her

"Well good morning! you woke me up!" I yelled

"Gesh sorry! At least you didn't sleep on the floor!" she said back. Fine.

"Fine you win this. Here let me help you up. Oh and by the way... That couch is fricken hard!" I yelled again, standing up ,untangling myself and helped Taylor stand up. I grabbed an end of the blanket and pulled. Making her twist in a circle for a sec, and once the blanket came off she almost fell. I caught her before she hit the ground and sat her down.

"Sorry about that."

"It's fine. Ugh IM HUN-

Look at them!!!!" Taylor said running to her room and graving her phone. She took a picture, and put it on twitter.

"Want me to follow you?" I asked her

"Nah, probably not right now. Just causes bad stuff" she said

"But I'll follow you!" she said and about two seconds later my phone lit up.

'@Taylor's_Sassa_Masta followed you'

"Taylor's sassa Masta?"

"Your just jelly!" she said snapping her fingers in different places and shook her head everywhere,faking it all. I smiled and stood up grabbing Nialls phone, taking a picture, and setting it as his screen cover for lock and phone. I saw tay to the same and we walked to the kitchen. But if course on the way, I stubbed my toe into my suitcase.

"Mhmmmmm. Ahh shhhhhhh mhmmm bdhdbe. Shnelskbsmdrmmmm" I mumbled. Wow! I didn't swear and yell. Must be tired. Taylor roles her eyes and smiled.

"You okay?"

"Just peachy!" I said sitting down next to her and glaring at the suitcase.

"You know, staring it down won't do anything. Right?" she asked.

"Hey wanna go out and get some fo-" she started to say put I put my hand In front of her mouth stoping her from what she was gonna say.

"Be ba her inn fiave? she said

"Huu?" I asked her. She licked my hand and I made a fries face at her.

"Be back here in five?" she asked. I nodded and went to my suitcase and picked out clothes and toiletries, then went to the bathroom. I put on a red t-shirt,dark blue skinny jeans and my red VANS. I ran my fingers through my hair and started to brush my teeth.

Taylor's POV

I went to my room, and went to my closet. I picks out a cute short dress with my res VANS. the dress had a red top, and then a elastic black band held the skirt to the dress and was white. I put my hair in a messy bum and grabbed my side bag with my phone, sunglasses, and wallet. I went to do my teeth and went down stairs in the kitchen just as Louis walked in. Out eyes went wide

"YOUR WEARING ME!" We yelled and then two sleepy walking body's filled with food walked in the room.

"Shut up!" they yelled.

"Okay. Well me and me are going out." I said.

"No me and me"

"No me an me"



"SHUT UP BEFORE I GO GET A PORK CHOP AND OPEN IT AND SLAP YOU BOTH IN THE FACE WITH IT. LEAVE ALREADY!" a mad Niall and Vikki yelled. I ground and pulled louis by the hand out the door. Before we went to the parking lot I asked a question.

"Walking or driving?" I asked.

"Let's walk to Starbucks and then walk back for the car." louis said. Why hadn't he dropped my hand. I guess he saw me looking at them because he squeezed them.

Sorry these are so short. But it's late and I want to sleep. I have Mid-Tearms this week and their going to be the death of me! I will put more Vikki and Niall in the next chapter tho I promise. I'll update the next chapter some time tomorrow. I don't know when, but before I go to bed I'll tell ya that!well please vote and have a good day/night/or evening. Love youz!Xx

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