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8. delay

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Taylor's POV

After our day out we went back to the apartment, we are currently in the car. It was about 7:30 and my phone went off.

'Leave for glee club in 3 hours' it read.

"Crap!" I shouted aloud. Louis looked at me with a questioning look.

"We have to leave in 3 hours!" I said.

"Crap" he said back and once we got to the house,we ran inside. I went to my room pulled out a suitcase and packed all my clothes. Once I was done with clothes I went to my bathroom. I put all my things in a bag and put it in another suitcase. I filled the rest if the second suitcase with shoes. I put a couple of dresses in it also with a couple prices if jewelry and scarf. I added a couple bennies and a couple sweet shirts. I pulled out my phone and charged it. The light came on and I saw the time read '8:41' I pulled on a pair of sweet pants and a tank top. I walked out of the room and into the kitchen to see Louis,Niall,and Vikki all sanding and talking. I saw everybody packed.

"We have to leave in about 10 minutes. It takes awhile to the gym. Oh and ermm. I kinda forgot to mention that we have to bring $200 with us plus more. So ehh I guess you and I aren't going to California this summer Vikki." I said looking at the ground.

"What!?! But I want to go so bad! I want to see what the US looks like!" She said whining back.

"Heehee." I said and she glared at me. I started walking away but she ran towards me. I ran I different rooms and screamed 'help me' to Niall and Louis. I ducked her slaps and her attempts to stop me and just kept running around the house. I was in he hall and stope looking Into my room. I saw the click say '9:03' next thing you know I was pushed forwards and hit the ground,chest first.

"Owwwwwwwww. Ow ow owww. The boobs! Ouch, that fricken hurt!" I said putting my head down. I turned around with the body still on my.

"Sorry love, here. Oh yeah. WE HAVE TO LEAVE!" Louis said. Getting up and helping me up. I rubbed the top part of my chest, just to have louis laugh at me. I went to my room,put my phone in my pocket, grabbed my charger and headphones, grabbed my luggage and went to the car with every one else. But before leaving, putting on a jacket. Louis put his and my stud in my car and I got in with him. Niall and Vikki took the car they brought. I told Niall I follow me and Louis and I put the GPS in for Louis to follow. We got to the gym and went in. I checked the time. 9:54.

"Just in time" we said and walked in. Everybody was piped that they were singing and traveling with Louis and Niall. Once everyone calmed down mrs.shelby started talking.

"Okay so if you have at least $400 raise your hand." She said. Everybody raised their hand but three men. I pointed to the men and she laughed.

"Oh they are helping us." She said. I nodded as listened again.

"I'm calling role. Say here when your name is called.

Ronnie? Here

Amileiah? Here




Vikki? Here







Nathan? Here


Niall? Hereeee

Louis?is superman" we said at our own names.

"Okay. Who I taking car,who is taking bus?" She asked. A couple people said bus and the rest said car. Me, Vikki,Louis and Niall said we will take the bus. We went outside and got into the auto mobiles. Everybody followed mrs. Shelby and once we got to our destination I found ourselves at an airport.

"Why are we here?" I asked her.

"Because we are flying to London!" She said.

"What! How long is a flight from Ireland to London?" I asked.

"Just a couple hours" she said and walked ahead. I asked about the three men again and she spoke up.

"Paul Higgins is my brother! They are body Guards. I'm surprised Niall and Louis hasn't noticed them yet." She said. Then as told Niall and Louis look really deep into the three men.

"Mike? John? Evan?" they said. The three men nodded and smiled.

"Hey boys! I see you snuck out! well Shelby here sent a call to Paul saying you were here,and so he sent us to stay with you" In guessing Mile said. They nodded and said thank you. We walked Into the airport and went through everything. Once we got to the terminal we all at done. Niall and Vikki were away from us,me and Louis were sitting in the front all the way to the right, a couple tee and there, and then mostly them all sleeping. It took us about a four hour drive to the airport. I turned on my phone an put my legs on Louis' lap.

"Really?" he asked me. Poking my leg.

"Shh! Chairs don't talk!" I said and went back to my extreammmly bright iPhone. I turned it away from my face and made a face that earned a laugh from Louis. I went back to it and saw my lock screen. '2:30 am.' it read. Ugh! Then louis spoke up.

"What time is it?"

"2:30 am." I said outing my feet down and putting my head on his shoulder. Then some thing I never wanted to hear came on.

"Hello lady's and gentlemen. I'm sorry but plane Costal Air terminal 9C won't be boarding until 4:32 pm today,due to extremely high snow storm. Have a good morning" the voice said and we all grunted.

"Really? what do we do now?" I asked turning to Mrs. Shelby who was sitting a couple chairs away.

"Let me go talk to the lady at that desk." She pointed and got up. She came back a few minutes later.

"Okay everybody awake!" She said and everybody woke each other up.

"We have a couple of hotel rooms available here. They are down stairs. Who wants to go back down there and who wants to stay?" She asked clapping her hands together.

"Everybody that wants to leave raise your hand" she said and I saw me,Louis,Niall,Vikki and about two other people raise our hands.

"Okay here are the cards. Go have a good night. Meet back here at 3:00 pm! Got it?" she asked. And we all nodded. Me and louis decided to share a room with Niall and Vikki. We walked to the room well let me say roomsssss, and gasped. Well me and Vikki did. We put our stuff on the kitchen table and went to the living room. We found out there was two master bedrooms,two bedrooms,a kitchen with a table,a living room,and a balcony. Me and Louis said good night to Niall and Vikki and went strait to bed.

"Ugh I'm exhausted! I said plopping in the middle of the bed not changing. Louis laughed, moved me to the side got in and then pulled me into himself. I went wide eyed, but realized he couldn't see me cause it was dark. I got under the blankets and snuggle I to him,with my head in his chest.

"Good night Taylor!" Louis said kissing my cheek. I blushed and tht led The Lord that it was dark.

"I can still see you blushing.." He said and I grunted.

"Ugh! g'night Lou!" I said and snuggled closer.

Niall's POV (rare)

"Night love" I said and kissed her cheek.

"Night Nial- I cut her off by kissing her. Let me tell you,I don't regret it. I have wanted to do it since I meet her. What three days ago isn't that far away... After a while she kissed back; smiling into it. I pulled back and leaned my forehead in hers.

"Night Niall!" she said;kissed my cheek and closed her eyes in the white pillow. I soon did the same and let sleep take over with a smile on my face. I kissed Vikki!

Dedicated to Louis_Tommo99! thanks guys! Please read her books too! They are amazing!

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