The Glee Project


13. Car Crash

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(Same day as 'Oreo Queen!)


"guys just her in the dang car Harry!" I said to the boy that is flirting with another girl. Once me,Zayn and harry were done going out today- I mean shopping for his hair stuff for zayn, harry stopping very five mins to talk to a girl, and well; me buying every toy figure there was for all the toy story's movies.

"Okay okay I'm coming. See ya!" He said and then waked inside the car.

"Why are going to Louis' and Taylor's flat?" zayn asked.

"We have to pick everybody up. We have to go pick up Niall also. Um Paul wants us and it's down a far of a ways." I said pulling up to the drive way that I know Lou and Taylor stay at. I honked the horn and three girl Ran out to the car. Yes- three girls

"Wait Lou? Why are you dressed like. Woman?" I asked turning to the back looking at him.

"Because I'm beautiful! DRIVE SIR! DRIVEEEEE" he did slowing out the las 'drive'.


"How long does it take to he there? I'm starvin!!!!" Niall whined.

"shut up!"

"Oh my gosh!"

"I hate these cloths"


"Guys!" I said

"Then why DID you wear them?"


"Ah crap. I forgot to get the girls number!"

"Guys!" I tried again. Dang these people can really yell.

"Harry!!!!! shut up!"

"I'm trying to sleep here"

"Ahhh Vikki you messed up my hair!"

"Are we there yet?"

"Really lou? we have been driving for ten minutes!"

"Guys!" i tried again but to only fail.

"Hhaha. Look at this pic-opps let me get it" Vikki said. she dropped her phone and now is reaching over the seats to get it.

"Hey get off!"

"Vikki! your boob is in my face!"

"No your face is in my boob!"

"Oww! Stop elbowing me!"

"Deal with it!"

"GUYS! WILL YOU SHUT UP! IM TRYING TO DRIVE AND TELL YOU--" i start to say and then it's like everything was in slow motion. I heard screams and glass breaking. I felt the hole car jerk to the left. And then it went black.

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