The Glee Project


4. 5 am "hello?"

Hello guys! So here is another chapter! Its currently 12:00 am,Feb 2nd,And I'm trying to get to five chapters tonight before I go to bed. Wish me luck if your awake and reading this. I highly doubt it tho... But please vote, comment, share, and enjoy!


-Jaelyn XD


*Vikki's POV*

11:00 pm

It's just after 11 pm and yesterday was our last day of university. I thought we were supposed to get a call today. Me and Taylor are dancing in my room to Midnight Memories, waiting for the music video to come out! Once I saw it pop up on my phone screen I gasped and ran over to the half asleep Taylor.

"Taylor! look! let's watch it!" I said and pressed play sitting on the floor by her. Once the video was done, well okay we did watch it about twenty times, it was just after 12 am.

"We should get to be-" Taylor was about to say but was caught off by her phone ringing.


"Yes! This is she, yes Vikki is with me"

"Really? that late?"


"Okay no problem, sure we will be there at 10 pm tomorrow."

"Okay, good Night-well" she said looking at the time "morning, see you tomorrow. Good bye" she said and hung up.

"So we will start camp tomorrow. We will be going on a bus to a town some where near here, and it's a camp. We have to meet up at 10 pm at the school parking lot tomorrow with about three weeks of clothes, because we will be there for about 10-14 weeks, but will be doing laundry every once in a while. Um she said they will give out info tomorrow. So yeah like I was saying... Good night!" She said and went off to bed.

I got into bed myself and fell asleep

----------------5 am-------------------------


"Ugh! Vikki get the door!" Taylor yelled. I rolled my eyes an got out of bed. What time is it any way? 5 am. Who the heck is at the door at 5 in the morning? I went to the door to be greatest by two way to familiar faces. Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson.

"Um come in?" I say going back to reality.

"TAYLOR! GET YOR ARSE IN HERE NOW! OR OR ILL TAKE AWAY YOUR VANS!" I yelled and heard an innocent voice.

"You wouldn't" she said coming in to the room

"But I would." I said back evilly. She looked down at the couches and saw Louis an Niall. Her eyes looked like they were gonna burst from how wide they were. She walked over to me and sat on the ground still speach less of who was here

"Um not that I mind, well you know Two males out of a band called One Direction don't just come around to your apartment at 5 in the morning buuuuuut.......... Why are you here?" Taylor asked.

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