Ebony Frost

You all know how Jack Frost and the other guardians got rid of Pitch Black. Or so it seems. And I'm sure you all watched tearfully as Elsa came home, ready to lead her kingdom. But is there a connection between the two? As Jack continues to search for more about his past, Elsa learns a secret. A Pitch Black secret. And the guardians are sure that Pitch is up to something. When Jack and Elsa's search for more about their family leads them to a village, a new secret is revealed. The secret of Ebony Frost.


5. Jack Frost: Revelations

"North," I called, crashing landing into his ice castle in my hurry. It shattered as I tumbled to the ground, the ice pieces bouncing off of the wood floor. 

"Jack!" North roared. "Nov, vhy vould you do that?!" I hurried up and glared at him defiantly. 

"I. Want. Answers. Now," I growled, my hand clench my staff. "Tell me the truth about my past!" At this sentence, North froze, his face shocked. Silence filled the air for a moment, until the sound of the elves' squeals and jingles shattered it as something outside crashed. At this sound, North's face seemed to age, and his shoulders drooped.

"Hov did you find out?" he whispered, guilt filling his face.

"Tooth forgot to pull out the tooth with Pitch and Elsa," I informed him. He looked at me gravely, and for the first time ever, I saw his true age heavy in his eyes.

"Do you remember the name of your village?" he asked. I nodded. "Good, nov go there. You must find your answers yourself, not be told by me." 

"Why can't you just tell me?" I demanded angrily.

"Because you vill believe it better if you hear it from history and vritten records, not from the mouth of someone who you know has kept something from you," North said, and with that, left me standing in the workshop office alone. 

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