Ebony Frost

You all know how Jack Frost and the other guardians got rid of Pitch Black. Or so it seems. And I'm sure you all watched tearfully as Elsa came home, ready to lead her kingdom. But is there a connection between the two? As Jack continues to search for more about his past, Elsa learns a secret. A Pitch Black secret. And the guardians are sure that Pitch is up to something. When Jack and Elsa's search for more about their family leads them to a village, a new secret is revealed. The secret of Ebony Frost.


3. Jack Frost: Memories

I stared down at the tube of teeth, frustrated. Why can't I remember more?! Taking a deep breath, I calmed myself. One more time. Touching the lid, the usual golden flash flared, I stood to the side, watching myself. I looked around the village we were in. I couldn't find any signs of where we were at all. As I looked around, I heard something behind me and spun around. A teenage girl raced up to my former self. Elsa, I remembered now. More information ran through my mind. She was my sister! My older sister. I laughed from happiness. Elsa greeted me as a younger girl raced up to them. The one I saved. But what was her name? As I watched the happy scene display out, I noticed a sign that said Glenelg. But behind it was someone else. He was watching us. I ran over to him to get a closer look, but skidded to a stop as I recognized his face. My heart froze. What was Pitch doing in my memories? I watched him carefully. His skin wasn't grey as it normally was, and he wore clothes like we did. Not his black robes. The look in his eyes wasn't scary or threatening. He was looking at us fondly. As I opened my mouth to say something, I was zoomed back to the present. I sat there in shock, trying to process the fact that Pitch had lived in my lifetime. 

"Jack!" a startled voice called out. I looked up to see Tooth flying toward me. "What are you doing here?"

"I come here all the time, Tooth," I objected as she snatched the tube from my hand. I studied her terrified face. 

"Sorry, I just didn't think you were here," she responded nervously, clutching my tube of teeth. "How did you find these?" 

"I watched you when you put them away yesterday," I responded suspiciously. Why was she acting so weird?

"So, did you find anything new?" she asked, trying to direct the conversation elsewhere.

"Yeah, I remembered my older sister, Elsa," I answered. "And someone else."

"Who?" she asked, her face going white. 

"Tooth, why did I not see Elsa and Pitch until know?" I asked her demandingly. She sputtered weakly. "Tooth!"

"Alright!" she answered weakly, giving up. "I hid a certain tooth so you wouldn't remember Pitch."

"Why?!" I demanded, angry now. "Those are my memories, you have no right to keep them from me!"

"Please, let me explain!" she begged, holding her handout to stop me from flying off. "Man In Moon asked me to hide them. Somehow, Pitch is related to your past, and he didn't want either of you finding out. I don't know why."

"Who does?" I asked, my eyes narrowing. 

"North was the only one Man In Moon told,'' she answered weakly. "He's the only one who knows of Pitch's past." I gave her one last dark look, and then flew off into the air. I felt betrayed. I thought Tooth was my friend. I kept whipping through the frigid air, going faster than I ever have before, until I reached my destination. North's workshop. I was going to get some answers.

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