Ebony Frost

You all know how Jack Frost and the other guardians got rid of Pitch Black. Or so it seems. And I'm sure you all watched tearfully as Elsa came home, ready to lead her kingdom. But is there a connection between the two? As Jack continues to search for more about his past, Elsa learns a secret. A Pitch Black secret. And the guardians are sure that Pitch is up to something. When Jack and Elsa's search for more about their family leads them to a village, a new secret is revealed. The secret of Ebony Frost.


4. Elsa: Leaving

"Why do you have to leave, Elsa?" Anna asked as I packed my bags. "What's so important that you suddenly decide to leave out of the blue?" I looked at her for a moment. With a sigh, I picked up my mother's journal and opened to the page. 

"I found this in our mother's room," I told her, handing it to her. "Read it." I watched her expression as she scanned over the inked words. When she finished, her green eyes darted up to mine, her expression relaying shock. 

"Where were you born?" she asked, handing the book back to me. 

"Glenelg, Scotland," I answered, marking the page before placing it in the bag. "I'm going to go there and find out more about my family. It's an old-fashioned country like us, so I won't need to get different clothes. I'll be back soon." I embraced her quickly, before hurrying down the stairs with my things. As I climbed into the carriage, I glanced back at my home. It would be awhile before I saw it again. With that thought in mind, I turned back to face forward, and prepared myself for the long journey.

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