The Killer's Game

Weird things always happened after 10pm in the small town of Denick. Things that no one can explain. People go missing, always found in the woods that surrounds the town. Their throats are slit. Head wounds. Their arms and legs battered and bruised. It's happened to five people so far. Brent Keiperk, Cody Franis, Acelynn Dervis, Oliva Finch, and Sharon Green. There is never any evidence about who it is, no fingers prints, DNA. Nothing. All the questions everyone has right now. No one has the answer. All anyone one's is that there is a physic murder lose in Denick. How do you know if your next?


1. ***Sneak Peek***

"What about her body language? What was she acting different?" He nodded, not being able to see who was interrogating him this time the blinding bright white light was in his face. He knew it was a man, that much he could tell by the voice. Thinking about that week before she went missing. She's been gone since June 14th 2009, it is now December 15th 2010. It has been over a year. Why are they asking him again? His been interrogated before. They have to know something. You don't just pull a missing case up, out of the blue as well. Unless you find something. Pushing aside all of his burning questions he gave him a reply. "Yeah, she was. It was 2 days before the day she went missing. Always looking over her shoulder. Always shaking, stuttering. Like she was waiting for something to happen." The sound of the man scribbling pen on paper filled the room. "Why is the investigation being brought back up?" He asked, he stood up dizzily from being able to see again, his eye sight wasn't the best right now. It was blurry. Waiting for a couple of minutes, it gave his eyes time to adjust. The man in front of him had slight stubble across his chin, he hadn't shaved today, he looked good though. He had blue eyes and blonde hair. "That isn't your place." His fist hit the table, the cop jumped back in surprised. Running his hand through his brown wavy hair, he calmed down slightly. Every ounce of sadness or depression left his body. "Like heck it isn't my place! My girlfriend is missing! You and every other cop is hiding something." His voice was stronger now. "I want to know what it is, because," He stepped forwarded. "I will find out what you're hiding." After hearing the cop gulp. A smirk spread across his lips. "So are you going to tell me or not?" The cop nodded. His fingers started to shake, a bead of sweat ran down his head. The smell of fear covered the air.

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