Written a few years ago when I was in love...


1. Love.

Her skin shimmered in the moonlight, like a million stars dancing as she walked barefoot along the rusty shore. Her footprints, so perfect, framing the ocean. A white cotton dress blowing in the wind. Her strap falls from her shoulder and she cares not for perfection. Long brown hair lies kissing her neck like the first touch of a new lover. She is alone this night, no mask covering her ivory complexion. The eyes! Eyes that drowned a hundred sailors and will drown a hundred more. She cries to the ocean and it reaches up to cleanse her, she is washed away. Floating, baptised anew. She feels the creatures of the deep calling her but she cannot sink. From the dunes he runs grabbing her lifeless body, he would watch her every night wanting to know her, to touch her, afraid of the stories he had heard of this sea serpent in white. Carrying her to the sand he lay her down, her body glistening with the diamonds of the ocean, he moves the hair from her face as he prepares to taste the sweet fruit. His own life he breathes into her and for a moment she is still, the ocean dares not make a sound. Then her bosom rises to greet the sky. His hand he places against her cheek and runs his thumb across her lips, a sweetness he had never known. She opens her eyes and he is transfixed. She is alone this night, no mask covering her ivory complexion. Those eyes! They have drowned a hundred sailors and now.........have drowned one more.

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