My Modern Fairytale ~Calum Hood Fanfic~

A normal, bookworm girl. A talented, funny singer. A modern romance that defies all rules and shows that no matter where you're from, or who you are, love will prevail.


3. That night.

"Sweetie, you look gorgeous!" My Mum peeks around my door, normally I would be annoyed but on this occasion I need some support. 

"Thanks mum, are you sure I look okay?" My persistent checking on my appearance occasionally bothers my parent, but this time she walks through the door and winds a strand off my hair behind my ear. 

"You look fantastic." She grins at my reflection and appraises my lace, red, knee length dress. I don't know the correct term for it, but when I spin around the dress swooshes around me like a princess gown. My vintage eyeliner flicks for once aren't flaking at the corners and my light red lipstick isn't falling into cracks. However, I know this won't last. 

Time : 18:38

"I best get going, can you give me a lift?" I smile.

"Sure, let's go."


I've been here for an hour, in this over crowded, smelly, loud club. Becca has left me to go and hang out with a bunch of guys, which was so predictable. So now, I'm standing here, lonely and completely sober. I feel pathetic. I never should have come.

"Come away from the corner, and dance with me!" Becca pulls me towards the dance floor to one of my favourite songs. Last night by The Vamps. 


A few songs later, I am having so much fun. Still sober, but giggling like mad and dancing like crazy. My feet are so sore, but I wonder why I haven't done this before. Not going to lie, I still  prefer a good book but a girl could get used to this. 

It's not long before I start yawning, I check the time.

Time : 20:23

As fun as this is, it's not my thing. I grab my jacket and head out into the streets. 


The fresh air, the stars, the moonlight - this evening is too perfect to pass through by taxi. I decide to walk home. Walking down a dingy alleyway, I notice a group of boys and girls against the brick wall. First my impression is that the guys were harassing the girls, as screams are heard and mumbles of 'get off me' and 'stop' get louder. However, I get closer and ... it's the opposite way. Drunk girls are pushing a group of boys, and trying to force themselves onto them. 

"Hey, HEY." I shout, not quite knowing what to do, but knowing that I can't leave them. When I get to them, I convince the giggly, excited girls that Justin beiber was spotted in town. They run off, totally gullible when drunk. 

"Man, being famous isn't quite what I expected." Muttered a sweet Australian voice.


I turn to the boys, 4 of them, and meet pairs of gorgeous eyes.

Wait a minute.


hi guys, Emma here hehe! Hope you like it so far, I'm trying not to make it into they meet = relationship. It's going to be a rollercoaster, full with jealous band members, etc. Please please, comment and let me know what you think! I'll try to update regularly. COMING UP : the girl meets the boys, spends sometime with them....,

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