My Modern Fairytale ~Calum Hood Fanfic~

A normal, bookworm girl. A talented, funny singer. A modern romance that defies all rules and shows that no matter where you're from, or who you are, love will prevail.


4. New friends?

Wait a minute.


"She's a bright one isn't she?" Smirked Ashton.

"Sorry, I just didn't expect to see you here?" I blushed, they really are gorgeous. To be quite honest, this isn't how I expected to meet my favourite band and I also didn't expect it to be so awkward. This situation is most definitely awkward. 

"Well, erm, thanks for the er help there." Luke smiled, and like a film scene I couldn't help but smile back. 

"It's common sense not to go wandering down dark alleyways." I joke, not wanting to leave the boys alone, afraid that once I turn my back I night never see them again. Being a complete nerd, I find it hard to talk to people, especially favourite bands. I haven't even dared to look into my favourite members eyes yet.

"Actually, we're kind of lost. Do you mind taking us to the nearest hotel?" Michael asks, with the most dreamiest voice in all the world.

"Sure, it's just this way." I point in one direction and motion for them to follow me. I feel like texting or calling someone, but who? Becca? No way, I want these boys for myself. Especially-  

"So, you live around here?" Ashton inquires, with his beautiful dimples. 

"Yeah, lived here since I was a baby." I sigh, realising how unlucky I am to have not been anywhere else. We walk the rest of the 5 minutes in silence, until the lit up sign for the Premier Inn can be seen. 

"I can't believe it was only here." Luke shakes his head, which causes me to grin.

"It's a small town too!" I tease, soaking up the company. Luke groans. I walk inside with them, still feeling like I'm in a trance that I don't want to leave, when they all turn to me.

"So do you want to grab something to eat with us? There is a restaurant here, isn't there?" Ashton grins, always the friendly one.

"I don't know, I think maybe I should go."

"Come on, you're the first person we've met, and we are going to need a guide this week." He spoke. My Angel. My favourite. I look into his beautiful eyes and watch as he winks at me. Flicking his black/Brown hair out of his face, I realise I haven't said anything.

"Um fine, food sounds great but I don't know how I feel about this guide thing." I laugh, and the group laughs back with me. 

"Shall we?" Ashton hands out his arm for me to link with and walks me towards the restaurant. 


"You're wrong!" I shout. "Up is one of the best disney films ever!"

"How can you think that?! Toy story hands down." Ashton argues, pushing his hair out of his eyes with frustration. I roll my eyes and attempt to bring the conversation back to something normal. With no success.

"Right, so about this guide thing?" Michael laughs. I groan.

"Really? Why do you need a guide?"

"We got lost trying to find a hotel remember?" Ashton laughs. "Besides, this is our week off and we want to go to, ya know, touristy places."

"What do you say?"Luke offers. The thing is, we really have hit it off like a house on fire, it's amazing how much me and Ashton have in common. Luke is the one who I can have a fairly normal conversation with. Michael had offered to dye my hair light pink, when I expressed to the group how I always wanted it that colour. And Calum, well, I'm pretty sure he hasn't stopped staring at me all night. Flattering. So what's holding me back? I'm afraid once they get to know how boring I am, and how unextraodinary I am, they'll dump me. So to speak. Though, what am I thinking? A band has just asked me to show them around for a week!

"I'll do it!" I say enthusiastically.

"Perfect!" Michael smiles.

"We don't know the town well, so I hope you have a plan?" Luke asks, hopefully. I grin, knowing exactly where to start.

"I'll pick you all up at 9, is that okay?" I check before picking up my bag and saying goodbye. As I walk out, and shut the door behind me, I can feel someone's eyes on me. I turn around and Calum is still staring! 


Back at home, I tell mum everything. She isn't much into 5sos, but she understands how big this is. For the next hour she helps me plan out where to go, and what to wear. By the time I'm in my room alone, there isn't much time to process what has happened. Only that after just one night with them, my crush on Calum has reached sky high.


I go to sleep, with the wonderful thought of taking them out to the zoo and spending a beautiful summer's day with them.



Hi guys:) Hope you liked it, and it didn't feel too much of a rushed meeting. Also, I know their conversation didn't seem long but they obviously know names and everything.This is the first fanfiction I've wrote so please let me know what you thought! X

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