My Modern Fairytale ~Calum Hood Fanfic~

A normal, bookworm girl. A talented, funny singer. A modern romance that defies all rules and shows that no matter where you're from, or who you are, love will prevail.


2. Meet my family.

"A party?! What the hell are you doing at a party?" My mum's eyes stare me down, threatening me to come clean to such a disastrous lie. 

"Just normal things people do at a party..." I look down at dinner, desiring that the food would turn around and eat me for a change. 

"You mean getting drunk, high and flirting with random strangers." I sigh, this is pretty much how I expected the conversation to go. 

"Mum, you're always saying how you want me to get a life" sad but true. "Or how you wish I would be a normal teenager rather than sitting in my room reading."

"Yea bu-"

"Mum, no buts! I'm eighteen now." I try the confident glare that I had adapted for school, now focused on my mother. 

"Sweetie I-"

"You know me to well to know that i will not be drunk, or high and most definitely will not get with any strangers."

 "Take you-"

"I'll take my phone and my keys."

"Your keys? How late do you plan on staying?" Oh oh, the next obstacle. Right at this present time, I can think of only one reason so I try that on her. 

"Becca." No further explanation needed, my mum smiles and acknowledges that Becca knows how to act right at a party. Her eyes tell me one thing, if it weren't for Becca, there'd be curfew.



Upon arriving at my bedroom, I find that I have received a text. From Becca.

 From: Beccaxo

Don't forget the party tomorrow!!!!!! So excited, do you want to come round mine to get ready?!!! Xoxo


I love her, I really do but getting ready with her is something I'm not quite prepared for just yet. I've never done it, yet something tells me it consists of plucking, tweezing,straightening, curling and all that effort for one party just confuses me. 



I haven't forgotten, my mum has already asked to do my make-up. Do you think we can just meet there?xoxo


From: Beccaxo

Well that's disappointing, but of course darling, meet me outside the engine shed at 7!!!! I know your mother  knows these things, but perhaps it may be better to let her know that all the boys will be there and to keep that in mind when she's doing your make-up!xoxo


Needless to say, I may not be passing on that message. Luckily, I'm staying at my mum's this weekend, if I had happened to be at my dad's - the party would be shut down. Literally. My red dress hangs from the open wardrobe, at school we  learnt about foreshadowing and how red symbolises blood, pain and death, I hope it isn't telling me something here. 

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